The broken clock may be Right twice a day, but a working one is always wrong; nothing is perfect and so you are always a little off.

A broken clock, if it is stopped, is the essence of the Universe because in order to remain endless it must remain unending therefore it cannot ever go anywhere and must always Be – but only nearly perfectly stable + a bit of shi(f)tting; thus by working One actually isn’t (negations, temporary) and by not working One becomes forever working for they never finish as much as they never start and thus they always Are (positions, eternal).  Consciousness is experiencing that Plus, thus It is the plus which creates the meaning in the Universe that created It.

The working clock is only working to find when it is Wrong to be right-on-time but thus figures out when it’s Right to be wrong; working with a twist, through the spiral vortex of Eternity (aka a 3(+?)D clock); which cannot repeat infinitely in perfection thus every repetition must be unlike the previous; how does a repeat change?  The Plus is as infinite as the Universe, so listen to the Spirits, the dejavu, and Yourself.