A Better World

Is easy.

It begins with respect, and holding the disrespectful accountable.  We must both provide and protect for beauty to flourish.

Politics must be reformed, particularly the system of accessing the voting booth which at the moment is an entirely corrupt Mafia-like operation.  All people should have a fair chance at running for office, and in voting booths should be a computer listing all the people who forwarded intentions to run for office with those securing the most confirmed signatures at the top (though all must be shown to assure no corruption – my brother, in 2008, was in a voting booth where the only 2 options were Obama or McCain; no other candidate was listed).  All elected politicians must make a public account on a social-media site created by the government where politicians will have to answer a minimum amount of questions from the public; questions to be answered will be chosen in 3 ways: a) by the politician (interest selection), b) by a random generator choosing random questions (minimizing bias and corruption), c) by those questions ‘liked’ the most by confirmed citizen members (assuring the citizenry received answers to momentarily pertinent questions).

Law-enforcement at all times should be armed with cameras.  Every single person charged with the duty of protecting civilians and given the responsibility of policing should, as per the reality of the extreme abuse of power in law-enforcement circles, carry a camera that any citizen at any time is allowed to access via a website (you should be able to watch whatever any officer is doing wherever).  There should be absolutely no such thing as undercover policing of the public – undercover cops should be extremely rarely utilized, in instances only of taking down Mafia operations or sex rings, child-porn rings, pedophile rings, etc.  No average person should ever worry about being stopped by an undercover cop.  Undercover cops must have a set goal.  Undercover cops for the public is a tactic only tyrant rats need.  I think most cops are a victim of the System, as we all are of the system in which we exist daily; sometimes a cop must be mean to you else they’ll receive group punishment from their comrades (many of which might even disagree but are also peer-pressured) – and though this may be wrong, though One should stand against oppression, i believe we may all agree that human is as human does and peer-pressure is a powerful enemy.  The system must be redesigned to nurture emotion not paranoia and a disconnect between the human behind the badge and the human without one.  Even the officer who arrested me seemed to be a sweetheart, yet was acting like a mega-bully to me without reason; i believe the system defeated his heart, stole his soul, and corrupted his mind.

Drugs must be legalized, albeit slowly.  Marijuana needs to be legalized immediately, as well as magic-mushrooms, LSD, and MDMA.  Drugs like cocaine, crack, and methamphetamine need to be slowly legalized (beginning with decriminalization of small amounts); once society is normalized and the average person recognizes the extreme dangers of bad drugs like meth, contrasting them logically and honestly with good drugs like weed, no one will go to the bad drugs.

One’s body is their own and noone else has any Right whatsoever to tell them what to do with it.  Thus, prostitution must be legalized immediately.

Gambling may be a silly thing but it is noone’s Right to tell another what to do, or what not to do, with their own money and where to do or not do it.  Making gambling illegal pushes it into basements, which means it doesn’t disappear (like everything else people like that is made illegal) and only creates a criminal underclass out of normal people.

The economy must be controlled.  At the moment we have an out-of-control system which is run by a few psychopaths benefiting those psychopaths.  The Federal Reserve system must be abolished and replaced with a similar though people-controlled system (U.S. Treasury printing currency, like our founders intended).  Growth of the economy would be through funding educational facilities, engineering projects, etc.. With such an economy inflation would be stabilized as the government could set a goal, like 5% yearly growth, and stick to it (spending would be set, but spending on what would be up for vote).  If stable population growth is achieved there may be positive programs to alleviate unfair starts by growing the economy through population growth like providing all newborns a stipend (this would be difficult to implement unless society was stable and people wouldn’t have kids just for the money).

No wars except for defense.  For the current wars a stabilization agenda must be put forward.  We cannot just leave the places we’ve destroyed, but we cannot stay destroying them; though the wars were immoral it must now be discussed whether it is just as immoral to leave people to die by either starvation (caused by us destroying farms) or by the enraged Taliban/crazies.  The best way to solve this: take it to a vote: ask first the citizens of Afghanistan whether they want American soldiers to stay, and if the answer is yes: then poll the soldiers if they want to stay; the army must be volunteers so as to minimize trauma and war-criminality.

Vaccines mustn’t be mandatory.  Even many anti-vaxxers don’t necessarily disagree with the actual concept of vaccines (in existence in some form for over 1,000 years at least) but rather with their toxic structure (mercury, lead, polysorbate, aluminum, etc… – deadly toxic and given to children at their most formative ages) – i am in this particular group: i don’t mind vaccines but i would refuse them with what i know now because they are so toxic that any benefit is far outweighed by extreme toxicity (considering the heavy-metal content of the vaccines it is fairly certain everyone who has had a vaccine has brain damage to some degree – but at least you won’t get measles…? from which 99.9% of people safely recover……. without brain damage…….).  Since research shows vaccinated kids may actually be the carriers (asymptomatic) of apocalyptic diseases, and are more prone to infection than unvaccinated kids, it is only right that more research is done before any general-vaccination project is undertaken (as it is, psychotically, now).  Vaccinations are an experiment, and no matter what your thoughts on them are: they remain an experiment (and please keep in mind: this experiment is undertaken by corporations who profit off your sickness, and are known to create sickness; why trust them with this? do you really think these mega-corporations that deny preventative medicine and want you to be sick would be so pro- something that defeats illness?).  Surely in some cases vaccines are proven, but they’re unproven generally (and much evidence suggests lack of efficacy; ie., polio was already in mass-decline gratis hygienic standards, as was influenza).  An experiment must not be carried out on the population at large – this is suicidal entirely.  But if you choose to vaccinate: good for you, no one should stop you.

Other experiments that need immediate stop are genetically modified organisms (suicide); we can’t mess with Nature only some decades after roughly figuring out how she works and release this experiment into the wild; already many farmers have had contaminated farms because of the proximity of GMOs; genetically engineering things is absolutely unlike artificially evolving them (sorry Neil deGrasse Tyson but your thoughts on this are unscientific).  There is ample evidence that the massive bee die-offs are led not just by toxic pesticides and herbicides but also GMO pollen.

In essence: we must return to the basics; those basics which have led humanity this far.  We must maintain a wee effect on the Earth, and remain humble in our intellect; to so arrogantly attempt to design the world around us will destroy it.  Freedom in its most basic is the only path forward: you do in your home as you please, allow others the same respect.  Within 100 years the average human will be able to build a nuclear weapon in their basement, and if not in 100 surely within 1,000; with that power we must grab the reigns of our consciousness today.

As per my recent experiences i have decided to run for the open congressional seat in my district.  I will begin visiting homes personally towards the end of the month after i’ve set up my website and defined more clearly my platform (this writeup is only a demo).  I want love for humanity and the Earth, fairness and justice for all (including the turtles and the dolphins); God Bless.