about those guineapigs

i can’t eat them. i just don’t see myself snapping guinea pig necks. so i can’t let someone else do it for me. thus i’ve decided to become a vegetarian. unless i can manage to eat my cat. i’ve had a lot of back and forths on the issue and since i’m still not resolved do not judge and am just trying a way. in a sense i am experimenting – if truly there is a need for meat and my body tells me so: i will have an undeniable survival-instinct urge to eat my cat. barring the eating of my cat proves i have no such urge.

to continue tradition of no-judgment resumed: i feed the cat fleshy food – One can’t force another being to adopt its adopters principles, especially Ones considering they’ll still maybe eat the cat.

simultaneously i’m wondering if vegetarianism might be the ultimate death-sentence of consciousness and why it might never proceed past a certain point: maybe the consciousness becomes too emotional for its own good and slowly devolves; or maybe vegism just desolves a relic dependency in the mind and cleanses the soul too