are you the one?


are you the one who speaks those words,
of love and sweets and that unknown?
are you the one who silence heard,
and screamed with her every bone?

can one foretell the thoughts in your head,
and the dreams you dream when you’re in bed?
or do you sing another song, one of life and chance,
a song so unpredictable, with notes meant to entrance?

do you feel your raw emotions and channel through their power,
or are you so weak and frail that you wouldn’t last an hour?

do you know what it means to forsake diamonds,
forget the silly mortal lusts for you are dying?

i only ask because i search for more,
than she who is a money whore.
but if she was, i understand,
it’s not like i’m a perfect man.

the dame i seek has will rock-hard,
her grace a flower which can’t be torn,
she need not be sane and surely not tame,
as she dances to the rhythms of bards blades,
speaks the whole truth without shards to delay,
open to new experience, appreciative of the old,
who has sweet flair but isn’t afraid to be bold.

i search for something specific in nature,
a dreaming mind, a wondering feature.
she and i must connect intellectually,
so my muse she will be perpetually.
and for her i’ll always be a muse,
as we go sifting truth from ruse.

when lovers are enamored both,
they play host to the holy ghost.