au revoir holy cows

to kill any servant, slave, or victim of a System because they’re asleep to it is like killing a cow because it doesn’t realize it’s a slave.  the slaughter is both futile and evil.  there is no just cause in unprovoked harm.

what we can gather from the info is: a bunch of idiots were living fun lives in The West but decided to go kill innocents in Syria, then decided they were mad that they were doing that and that they apparently had to do it, so they killed the taxpaying slaves (burdened by, not supportive of, the associations which profit from the warfare) in order to free themselves of their guilt for killing innocents (who they decided to kill on their own) which allowed for the profiteering in the first place.

i’m not exactly sure how that works either.  but that’s how it is.  cyclically loony.

au revoir the holy cows, beautiful world’s people who defined humanity against the horrors of senselessness.