beware the ego destroyers

beware they who tell you to surrender your ego, often they want you to lose it to them.

the ego is good, although too much isn’t likewise too little isn’t.

if it weren’t for the self there would be no emotion; consciousness is the anti to the void.

it is good to feel, and good to feel as you, and good to be a human.  if the universe didn’t want you to Be or to be a human you wouldn’t Be or be.

this doesn’t mean you should feel superior to a squirrel, since if you tried to hide a nut in a random part of the woods you’d forget where it is long before the 6months that a squirrel can remember.  i once tried planting .. something .. in the woods and within a month already couldn’t find it…

it is good to be you.  like one of my favorite reggae songs says “i give a little here, i give a little there, and i keep a little for myself” – it is good to give and to take, in the right amounts.  but never lose yourself because if you weren’t meant to Be you wouldn’t.