#BlackLives(don’t)Matter to Blacks




Ask the average #BlackLivesMatter protester if Black lives matter and they’ll say yes; but they won’t explain why they aren’t protesting Blacks shooting each other – that’s racist.

There would be an explanation of how poverty is to blame for all the crime, and that the poverty is the result of ingrained societal White Supremacy. If you ask for an explanation as to why Asians are successful – that’s racist.

Much crime is related to poverty, of course; but much crime is of the heart, not the wallet – you don’t need to murder someone, you don’t need to rape someone; you do that for want.

There is no doubt that the War on Drugs affects the Black community, but it does every community; there is no doubt that lead-poisoned paint in the Projects helped destroy many Blacks, but nowhere near a majority of them (at least, no more than any other Race in their own environments); no doubt that the crack epidemic helped destroy many lives, but the epidemic of single mothers with several baby-daddies is not only, at least not remotely mostly, the fault of the crack epidemic.

It is absolutely true that The Powers That Be have been waging a war on Black America, but simultaneously they’ve been warring against White America and Asian America – the war is against America itself, with the people divided as pawns. That Blacks blame Whites for their failures is a result of that war and a weakness exploited in the Black community.

The basis for Black disempowerment is the lack of Black self-empowerment through self-responsibility. It would be much harder to start a crack epidemic in Asian communities than in the Black, precisely because of the nature of the Asian outlook.




Even Martin Luther King Jr. spoke about the need for Blacks to take self-responsibility for their crushing crime rates; speaking about St. Louis, King said: “Negroes are 10 percent of the population of St. Louis and are responsible for 58% of its crimes… we’ve got to face that.”  This was long before the crack epidemic, long before the total Drug War, long before the epidemic of single mothers.

To understand the true scope of crime in the Black community, relative to others (particularly the White), One cannot look to the FBI crime statistics because they hide Hispanic crime under the ‘White’ category; thus we will look at the NYC crime stats, though even here Arab and Indian crimes are categorized under ‘White’ making it appear as if Whites commit more crime than they do.

In 2013 33% of the NYC population was White, and 23% was Black – Blacks accounted for 62% of murderers, Whites 3% ; Blacks were 43% of rapists, Whites 6%

60% of Blacks girls under the age of 18 have been sexually assaulted. There is an epidemic of rape in the Black community, which has nothing to do with White supremacy or any other excuse.

18% of rape victims in NYC were White. This means White women are the only Race of women more likely to be a victim of a stranger rape, and by another Race.

If the Black and Hispanic populations were replaced with Whites (meaning population would remain the same though its Racial makeup would change) crime would still be about 80-90% less than now.

If Black lives really matter it’s time for some self-responsibility because poverty is no excuse for this. And the #BlackLivesMatter movement is a total joke when their lives only matter to them when anyone but Blacks is doing the shooting and raping. Obviously police brutality is a problem, but there is a way bigger problem within the Black community being ignored, willfully. Maybe if Black women weren’t subsidized so many wouldn’t have 10 baby-daddies and so there wouldn’t be so many Michael Browns to rob stores for cigars (a want not need, because EBT took care of need); maybe then there wouldn’t be a culture of anti-intellectualism that is constantly blamed on White Supremacy and a legacy of slavery (even though Whites give Blacks a chance in public schools, where most Whites also attend; and less than 2% of Whites ever owned slaves though most were slaves themselves under the guise of “employee”).

It’s a tired old argument, an excuse, with no bearing. The only ladder out of the Black hole they dug for themselves is self-responsibility. No one can else can, or should, care when they don’t actually care about themselves.

The entirety of the #BlackLivesMatter movement is to provide an excuse for Black failure.




Why do Blacks really fail?

It’s a very simple reality, look to the genetics (the IQ scores).  IQ scores speak more about a group than an individual, as two individuals with the same score are totally different, and one individual with a lower score than another may actually be smarter than the higher scorer; but, on a group level IQ speaks volumes and so we can use it to compare fairly fairly.

To understand the fairness of IQ scores, so that the Black score isn’t discounted: compare Asians and Whites. Asians have a higher per-capita income than Whites, and a higher academic output, so obviously in the tests there is no racism, especially when Asians score a higher average than Whites (103 vs 106). But, Whites have a higher standard deviation, nearly double actually (15 vs 8): which means Whites have both more super dummies and super nerds. The tests are not culturally nor racially biased, a color or mathematical pattern is culture independent. the African-American score is 86. This is why they fail. Obviously there are many smart African people, it would be crazy and racist to claim otherwise; likewise it is crazy and racist to claim that Blacks are generally on the same level as other Races (exceptions don’t make a rule, though the exceptional person must be respected like any other intelligent person).

Many issues facing Blacks are made worse by external factors, like with the Drug War or the Project walls laced with lead; there is no doubt this exacerbates problems; but, until we are honest about the truth behind Race and why Blacks in-general don’t succeed, we will fail as a society – because if you give someone an excuse they’ll reasonably blame everyone but themselves.




Humans are the luckiest animal.

here we are, so many different kind of creatures in 1 form – the human – and we’re trying to destroy it with psychotic marxist accidental genocidal maniacs exclaiming their happiness that soon there won’t be so much diversity in humanity and we’ll all be a brown blob when Races are destroyed.  i like brown people, i like yellow people, i like red people, i like white people.  i like people in all their colors.  how sad would it be just to lose a blue jay or a red jay?  eagles or hawks?  are we happy when animals go extinct?  so why the happiness when humans are dying?  it’s madness!

just because there are some groups which don’t have a general capacity to exist around the others doesn’t mean they don’t have the Right to exist in their own way.  but it does mean that a third group shouldn’t force groups 1 & 2 to coexist, like with the Civil Rights act.  that is evil.  imagine an alien planet, where a beautiful city exists that can subsidize all human needs – our lives would be better there, but is it fair of us to go there?  it would be evil for us to invade, and it would be wrong for a 3rd alien group to force the 2nd aliens to accept us (aliens too).  since no aliens have given us their technology we can assume that this is not their way.

but for humans it is very cool that we shared tech, would we have reggae were it not for the Africans living in a chilled out environment with European audio production technology?  we can thank the African mind for the reggae, and the European mind for the technology.  it’s beautiful when we work together, there is nothing that says we can’t.  but it seems living right next to each other might be a problem.  maybe it’s easier for Europeans and northeast Asians because we both went through the ice age, maybe it’s something in the caves – i always wondered if maybe people who didn’t go through ice ages are louder because in the caves if you were too loud stray rocks were likely to hit you and take you out of the gene pool.  ironically angry clubs would then hit the rock chuckers and two birds with one stone lead to one mutation.




humanity is fun, but when you’re forced to be someone’s friend usually you won’t be.  if we let things play out naturally we could be friends in our own ways, but if we pretend things aren’t what they are and force illusions on ourselves we’ll drown in the lies.  it’s time to be honest.