Complications of Being

It is a beautiful thing to Be, it is a plus – by its nature the Universe is a Positive; it exists, therefore proving there is plus, positivity.  The Universe is out of equilibrium, if it were perfect it would not be, there would be a uniform blob if even that; the extra that is out of equilibrium (which must lean towards the positive) is what we generally refer to as God, the essence of which is Consciousness (Humanity, being of the Essence, is also positive even if sometimes it doesn’t seem so).

In its purest the Universe is Logic – the laws of physics are logical laws; they do not alter and where they alter from our understanding it was from our lack of understanding.  Consciousness is Emotion – and here is where Freewill is; ie., if One is facing negativity, living in an environment of hate, they will most likely be logical and return hate – but those that are free, who are more than merely Autonomous Biological Robots, who feel the Essence of Love, they return to the Universe only love, proving they are emotional and free from the burden of raw logic.  In raw emotion is Freewill.  There are two polar opposites, like on a magnet the Positive and the Negative, and thus One cannot escape ever from being both simultaneously and thus neither instantaneously – following raw emotion is logically raw from the standpoint of the Universe, but from the perspective of Us it is Freedom.

The positivity must sustain itself somehow, and in the physical frame it does so through eating itself – thus life eats life; it is better to eat plants than to eat dirt, and it seems (and certainly more than just seems for some animals – and even some plants) to be better to eat animals than plants.  Hopefully the Aliens haven’t visited because we’re tasty (the likely reason Aliens likely haven’t stayed is because we are like bacteria – we have a domain that they do not inhabit, and they do not care to communicate for we yet have nothing to offer them.  At best they think we are cute and cuddly but i think rather than petting us they anally probe, so blesses that they’re not here permanently).  Of course the Aliens are real, of course they visited, of course they think we’re stupid (I think that should go without saying, but so should that humans are Awesome, even if much of the time Awesome Idiots).

A fish living out its natural life is like a farmer – it collects plankton and other nutritious things during its existence and stores it in its body in form of proteins or fats; we then farm the fish.  Bless its efforts.  A cow (or chicken, pig, etc..) is alive thanks to us, and thanks to it we also live (that we treat them poorly is horrific, but that is not the essence of the farming, but of a cruelty in Humanity which we must strive to change) – both the cow (etc..) and the human have much to be grateful for due to this sharing process; we add positivity to the Universe through the creation of the cow, the cow adds to the positivity of the Universe by sustaining our creation.  I once walked through a zoo at a time (midnight) when the animals were free to be themselves without influence of people (petting children) – two cows were rubbing their noses together and mooing; this was obviously Love (Eskimos do not French Kiss, they rub their noses which to them is the equivalent; what were these cows doing that was any different?); would these cows have the opportunity to love if not for the people who granted them existence?

I recognize vegetarianism as a beautiful goal, but for me it is an ideal as whenever i tried became sick.  The Dalai Lama went through the same, and he eats meat one day and is vegetarian the next.  I do not ask anyone to stop being a vegetarian or to become one (i respect both choices, though myself will make another attempt as soon as i feel healthy).  The complication of Being is an Ultimate: as i pet my cat, and still worry about Ginger, i am eating chicken (i prayed over it, and thanked it for sustaining me and being delicious).

During a moment of deep meditation i experienced my cat run by me and saw a projection extending from her, in her shape, sniffing in front of her; towards there the cat moved, and sniffed; projection moved left and sniffed, cat moved left and sniffed; projection moved towards me and sniffed, cat moved towards me and sniffed;  i saw the cat’s soul guiding it before it knew what its path was.  The Positive/Negative divide of Existence manifests in many forms in the Universe, including in Time; my belief is that our bodies are momentum of time forward, while our souls are movement backwards (the infinite loop) – hence why The Soul is of the future, and our bodies of the present (the past does not exist anymore, but will again – i believe Deja Vu is a glimpse into another manifestation of the All, and your opportunity to change the path of your life).

All life has Soul, even the trees (many of who i have met, blesses to them).  If we can eat the tree, why not the cow?