due to my pending court case….

i haven’t been able to speak about some things i’ve wanted to.. like the evidence in my favor.  Currently, the kind, gentle, and intelligent, members of the NYPD are holding my cellphone illegally (it is entirely legal to record police, and my phone is being held as evidence because i recorded the police – due to this i can’t contact my witnesses), and, due to my arrest i’m unable to work (the TLC assumes: guilty until prove innocent).

In the meantime: i thought it best that i didn’t participate in any action like what i planned on March 14th, asking random officers for their info; but, that was when i thought my case would be thrown out on March 26th – instead, the DA failed to prove any case (seems they didn’t even try to press charges, just prayed i’d take a deal) but were given until May 12th to.  Ridiculous, of course.  So, now that the weather is warming this is back on the agenda.  Sadly, one thing that is entirely off the agenda is my will to run for my local office as there is, it turns out, an age restriction – silly democracy.  So even if i were to win that office, the Supreme Court would probably deny me.  So i’ve resolved to speaking to people and sharing my ideas in other means, so that action is taken regardless.