Fighting Nature is Always a Losing Battle

After discussing this offline i have decided it needed a bit of editing.  Firstly, i do not care if someone is gay, am not homophobic, and am not uncomfortable around gay people; i recognize they are some of the sweetest people One ever meets, so i give them a +1 if anything on awesomeness.


Fighting Nature is always a losing battle – this is a blanket statement, here i will write in particular reference to Gays.

I do not care if someone is gay – power to them for enjoying life in their own reflection of the Universal Soul. Nature created Gays, as unnatural as some may believe it to be. But as there are limits to some things (we do not accept murder) there should be limits to what Gays should do (i am not comparing gays to murderers):

Just like a child should be breastfed a child should have both gender parents. This does not mean that a child will die if it is not breastfed, or if it has same-sex parents, but natural is the preferable way (there are so many papers on positives of breastfeeding but i chose this one to show it can even have beneficial effects in the face of negativity). Every child has a Mother and a Father; thus, they should all preferably have a mom and a dad – I have no issues with 2+ moms and a dad, or 2+ dads and a mom; nor do i have issue with either group being entirely gay (2 gay moms and a gay dad or vice-versa is A-ok too), but it is only natural to have a role model of both genders.  You cannot fully control your brain, it mostly controls you; this is why if there are mistakes you have irrational anxieties (some people are afraid of the fuzz on a peach); this is why upon seeing someone sexy and naked you have effects; why when you are in nature you feel calmness – thus you must mold your mind in the most natural way.  It is surely preferable to have 2 dads/moms than 1, and of course it is the love that matters; even 1 mom can be better than 2; if the child is loved that is the most important thing for their wellbeing.

It is obviously only fair that gay unions are allowed, if there is Love there is Truth, but i don’t feel it is fair to call them “marriage” since that term is already taken and defined as between man and woman – what Right does anyone have to redefine another’s definition? Why don’t gay people call their union garriage? Or gayriage? Or something else that is fabulous?