god is a question, not an answer


science is the “how?” spirituality is the “why?”

gravity is how, love is why.

love is the conscious experience of gravity; one by the other and for itself; still there is an ultimate unanswered “why?” : why is that duality, after all?  this ultimate (unanswerable, unobservable, otherworldly) question is the third of the trinity (its momentum, giving spirit to the love and necessitating the gravity).

thus: god is a question, not an answer; and that’s why consciousness seeks answers to questions.


we are the answer.  the answer needs a question, and, the question needs an answer(er).  the question is a riddle, the answer a rhyme; love is the sent(i)ence, gravity the wor(l)d.

thus even we and god are in infinite fractal.  even god has questions, to which god is the answer.  so every question is god, every answer consciousness.  so god is conscious too, thus our universe is alive.

how?  why?