goodbye John Nash (why he wasn’t crazy)

great John Nash passed on yesterday.  many people have seen the film A Beautiful Mind and because of this believe that Nash was insane, paranoid, and scared of an imagined communist plot.  what most people don’t realize is that John Nash blamed Jews for the communism.  this is obviously true.

under the Soviet Union: Jews would kill the intellectuals of other People; think of the Katyn massacre where 20,000 Polish intellectuals, their smartest people, were executed by the KGB (originally it was blamed on the Nazis, but after Russians regained power and KGB files were released: we found out that actually the KGB did it, and they were an arm of Jewish power).  why did they do this?  to eliminate competition.  even if the Holocaust was true, even if 6 million died (they didn’t), i’d still not really pity them (i do only because innocents died, but they shouldn’t have been silent about Jewish crimes) because it was their own fault (Jewish elites were running fucking wild in Europe, killing tens-of-millions of Europeans – and Jews were silent); meanwhile, those truly innocent Europeans, like the Polish, only wanted their own countries free of Jewish domination.

so John Nash realized this, and he recognized a massive plot (Nash came up with Game Theory, he knew statistics…) and like European intellectuals under the Soviet umbrella were sent to psychiatric wards and forced to take drugs and then recant, so Nash was called crazy and forced to take drugs and lose his mind.

Nash wasn’t crazy, he knew exactly what was going on.  it is absolutely no coincidence that nearly all beautiful minds in history distrusted Jews – from Nietzsche to Voltaire to Tesla (who is quoted telling his secretary: “my dear, never trust a Jew”).

goodbye, beautiful mind.