i tried to smear lipstick on porky and he oinked at me

and seems he’s still oinking..

the district attorney has 90 days to file a case against me, my arrest was on February 8th.  today, May 12th (89 days), because officer William Morris wasn’t at court (the DA said it’s because it’s his day off………………………) the DA got 3 months more to file a case against me (even though they knew at the last court date that he should’ve been there today).  meanwhile, for my “unsafe lane change” ticket, i had a pretty serious illness that week and missed court, and having that happened to me before i knew i would just get another date; turns out, i didn’t (so: because i wasn’t present, i was found automatically guilty); meanwhile, porky doesn’t show up to court and so the DA gets 90 more days to drag this shit out.  he’s missed the other court date too.  obviously he wasn’t/isn’t going to show.

i was originally arrested for reckless endangerment of the 3rd degree, as i understand it this is about 1 step down from attempted murder.  i’m fairly certain the DA saw the video from the van because these charges were dropped to disorderly conduct (they’re refusing to give me the video), and since they knew this was bullshit too they now just asked me to take ACD (meaning dismissal if i don’t get arrested in the next 6 months).  meanwhile these pigs falsified statements against me, since they said i tried to kill them, and they’re still out there porking away.  this is why there is a maximum IQ to become a police officer: they need fucking idiots to be fucking idiots.  obviously i didn’t endanger anyone, or was disorderly.  i’m fairly certain the DA saw that video, and realized the other piggy pig broke through my window after i said i’m calling 911 (meaning he was supposed to call his supervisor, as per protocol, not break my window since i was very obviously not running away as i had just stopped) and even if i broke the law up to that point (which i didn’t, but… if… i did) this ruins DA’s case.

i am out of work while this is going on.  so i’ve already been out of work for 3 months.  the Taxi & Limousine Commission automatically suspends TLC licenses for any and every arrest.  so i was fucked, and now i’m fucked for 3 more months.  more evidence that we’re not free when an idiot with a gun has so much power.  porky has a gun, an attitude, a low IQ, and a power trip.