I was arrested (unlawfully) on Saturday night

the night began smoothly, it was a nice night: warm for a winter’s day, but just cold enough that people wanted to get into my cab.  1:30am i picked up 3 fun fellows; a Scot, Briton, and Serb; and was driving them across 14th street to get to 10th av.  Traffic was light too, i might add; what a fun night to drive.  But, at a red light a passenger in another cab decided to step out, so that cab put on its safety-lights and it was to the 2nd lane for me.  I activate my blinker, the first car didn’t let me go, so i waited; the 2nd car was a van, and was driving extra slow and i saw that as a signal the driver was being nice and letting me go; i start entering the lane and i hear sirens blare, so i stop.  Nothing happened for about 2-3 seconds so i decided to keep going as the cop-van must have been confused.  Cop puts on his sirens, and so i pull over.  At this stage my 3 passengers were complaining, a lot, because of the extremely nonsensical pulling over of a car that had done nothing wrong.  Even if i did cutoff the cop, which i didn’t!, the cop wouldn’t have had reason to pull me over.  It was just ridiculous…

Officer approaches my car, and in a rude tone asks “license and registration” ; i reply that i’d like to know why i was pulled over (when being detained you’ve a Right to know why).  Officer becomes more rude and repeats “license and registration” – i said it’s my Right to know why i was pulled over, and then the officer said “license and registration or you’re under arrest” at which my passenger told me to just give him the ID.  I gave him the ID, and was not given a reason for the stop (cop just walked away).  It is important to know why you are pulled over: what if there was a misunderstanding? etc.. so i turned on the audio recorder on my phone.

The cop took 15 minutes to write the ticket.  15 minutes my passengers and i watched the cop look around doing nothing.  15 minutes to do what shouldn’t take 5.  I was being harassed (more than already, that is).

15 minutes and cop comes back to the car.  He hands me my license and in a rude manner tells me “unsafe lane change” (bear in mind the cop’s van wasn’t even going 5mph when i tried entering his lane – that’s why i thought he was being nice, because he was driving so slow; obviously i was lured, and he was not so nice).  I told him i was now recording the proceeding and wanted him to reaffirm that he threatened me with arrest for asking him why he pulled me over (i wanted him to say it at that moment because in court he could plead “i can’t remember”).  The officer mumbled something, probably derogatory, and walked away.  At that i became upset.  How dare this officer of the law disobey the law.  An officer is obliged by law to answer questions, unless they are in an emergency and have to run; but this was no emergency, i just spent 15 minutes waiting for a BS ticket; the cops had nowhere to go but hide from the law.  So i put my car into reverse, and drifted (at less than 1mph) with the officer as he was walking back to his car.  I was not letting him get away (i was pursuing a public official denying an answer; i did not want to exit my car because i have been warned not to do this as cops may shoot pretending there is danger).  I knew they wouldn’t be happy, but i don’t care – someone has to stand up to these children with guns.  Those people charged with keeping us safe should not make us unsafe; those people whose job is to alleviate fears mustn’t be the ones to create it; i did not let go of what the officer did, walking away (etc.) because if you let go of everything you’ll soon have nothing to hold.  My car was in reverse, i safely was backing up (no one was in danger whatsoever at all for a moment), and i was asking a question.  Immediately the cop on the right starts banging on the car, he screamed “you almost ran me over!” which was a lie lie lie lie lie lie lie the cop was on the side of the car, not behind it, and if the idiot didn’t want to get run over he shouldn’t have been running from a lawful person who was lawfully pursuing a law-breaker (in uniform too).

The cops get back into their van (proving there was nothing close to an emergency and i did not actually threaten them), and my passengers and i agreed it’s time to go even without an answer.  I start going.  Sirens blare.  I pull over.  I knew something weird was about to happen, so i locked my doors.  Cop gets up to my car, starts forcefully trying to open my door screaming at me “you’re under arrest!” – i have the window open, still, and i told him “i’m scared right now, i don’t trust you, i’m calling 911” (even during a lawful arrest you’re allowed to resist if you feel that your wellbeing is in danger – i wasn’t resisting but merely wanted another officer/camera/witness present for my safety) – the cop heard me clearly (they admitted so later, even possibly admitted to another witness that my calling 911 was a reason they broke the window); right after i said this, while trying to trade info with my witnesses (passengers) the cop punched through my window, cutting my head a bit, pulled me out of the car, and several officers pounced on me and started twisting my hand and screaming at me “stop resisting arrest!!!!” (i wasn’t even given a 60 seconds, probably less than 30 – there was no reason to act so fast and in such a manner; we’ve all seen 20 cops at a silly scene doing nothing, these cops also weren’t busy; they just wanted to hurt someone) as they were severely hurting me (i thought they broke one of my fingers, it was numb; my arm hurt, my head hurt) and i, as flail as could be, screamed “i’m not resisting! i’m not resisting!” – bear in mind i was wailing this because i was in extreme pain.  I was put into the van (i probably needn’t mention how rudely), and my passengers were talking to the cop (they were obviously distressed and were complaining but the cops weren’t listening and refused to allow us to share info – they were separating me from my witnesses).

The ride to the precinct was non-eventful.  When i was getting out of the car the cops forcefully took me and were shoving me around.  Inside of the precinct one of the arresting officers asked me questions like: “are you fucking stupid?” “are you high on being retarded?” “you have a problem with authority?” etc.. ; another officer said “if you weren’t in cuffs i’d kick yo ass” “you fuckin’ lucky, i’da shot you” “shut the fuck up!!” (i have the Right to remain silent not the obligation; someone needs to let him know – but then again these are the dummies who didn’t read me my Miranda Rights) etc… ; i asked for water upon my being taken into the cell and was told to “shut up” – i was denied water for ~3.5hrs.  My sweater was taken from me and in a cell without heat and a fan blowing cold air i shivered for hours, freezing (i have Raynaud’s), and was denied the sweater’s return upon complaint; i was very lucky that for some time a transient guest in the cell gave me his jacket (God bless that gentleman).  I was refused bathroom service for several hours and almost had to pee in the cell because my bladder was in so much pain.  When finally taken to the bathroom i was threatened that if i go now i’d “miss the transport” and i’d “have to be here all night” .  I was not allowed to make my phone call until i gave the officer the passcode to my cellphone; i refused, of course (i knew they wanted this so they could delete the recording) but because they wouldn’t hand over the phone i had to type it in manually through the gate (like nearly everyone else i don’t remember phone #s anymore), and i fear the cop may have seen what i put in (others arrested were allowed to hold their cellphone outside of the cell).

All-in-all i was jailed for ~15hrs.  Horrible experience but very enlightening.  I wanted to share the audio recording, which is why i delayed in posting this, but the police have confiscated my cellphone as evidence (tried getting it today) and refuse to return it (i also therefore can’t contact my witnesses).  On top of that none of my belongings exist: i now don’t have my house keys (am i supposed to feel safe knowing renegade morons with guns have my house keys?) nor my driver’s license (it seems they are playing with me).

As a thinking person i know the cops arrested me because i wasn’t letting them have their way and break the law; i know they busted my window unnecessarily because they didn’t want me to share info with witnesses; i know they treated me like trash because they’re petty.  They are so petty they lied to my parents (my phone call was to them) that i was acting in a crazed manner, cursing at the cops, that the cop-van had to swerve dangerously to avoid hitting me (at 5mph?) etc… lie lie lie …..

If any lawyers read this please e-mail me.  I’d like as much help as i could get.  Thank you.