i wish professional sports were honest

as a person of German background (yes, my grandparents were there Heiling in the Sudetenland – and LOL that my Jewish relatives were in the camps) i am very proud of the German win at the World Cup (even though i know many of the games, especially up to the semifinal, were rigged – it seemed, in that tournament at least, post-quarterfinals the rigging stopped).

but, as a person who is himself Bohemian (a subset of Czech) i am supportive of the Czech team (so: if Czech Rep. was playing Germany in the final: i’d support the Czech Rep. because they’d have the Bohemian players – and i am, after all, a Sudeten).  i see Bohemians (thus: Sudetens) as Czechs because the Germans who occupied the Sudetenland were invited, they never conquered; thus, they served the Bohemian Crown, thus: they became Czechs.

we cannot truly enjoy life, this physical existence, if we do not enjoy our bodies.  our bodies are half our existence.  if we can’t enjoy our bodies we cannot enjoy our lives.  thus, i love professional sports.  they’re fucking awesome.

what people like Nikola Tesla are to the mind, so people like Jaromir Jagr (woooooohoooo: very close to my own ancestry, as he is German/Czech, and his last name even means Wolf like mine) are to the body.

if we do not maintain the form, we lose the purpose.

if we don’t enjoy the orgasm, we lose the love, and the connection.

love the game.