Ideas are the Universe

Ideas exist outside of the mind, but are found within it – thus ideas are the glue of the Universe, it is itself only an idea.

Two chairs fabricated by a machine may be nearly identical, but they are not perfectly identical – they are made up of different things (different atoms each) and are physically separated.  An idea is perfectly identical to another (3+3=6 is true for you as much as me).  Thus an idea exists outside of the mind, for 3+3 would = 6 even if you were not alive, and you merely find the idea within your mind.

When you eat food, you process it to create energy – but where did that original spark come from which ever allowed a Being to process anything? where is the Original Source? That is The Idea – the Universe Itself thought itself into existence.  The raw energy of ideas is what makes you act – ie., when you have the idea of food, you act to eat; ideas are the Original Source of energy.

Ideas are raw energy, and thus focusing on certain ideas will focus that energy within you (thus when you have happy thoughts you surround yourself with happiness, for you channeled happiness; likewise for anger or any other emotion).  In meditation focus on Being and you will channel the raw energy of the Universe.

Consciousness, God, is The Idea; they are that pure energy.  The Universe is an idea.  It is no coincidence that an idea is metaphorically linked to the lightbulb, to light itself.