it wasn’t Right to kill Harambe

the Earth is a delicately intricate system and we should be so grateful that life managed to survive. at any stage there may have been a shutdown by some external force but Earth persevered through; she was in balance – nothing could strike a kill. but that balance no longer exists, and biodiversity has nearly been eradicated from the Earth save some hotspots. so paranoid are humans that we’ve built shelters for original seeds. the other half of humanity continues GMOing. now, any strike may wipe out everything.

we worry about nuclear apocalypse without recognizing that we are living in the apocalypse. or did you miss out on the nuclear tests circa 1950s 60s? your thyroid didn’t, it’ll take tens-of-thousands of years before it really begins to pass. this is the apocalypse. Fukushima and Chernobyl were hay upon a haystack. what for? all of us including the nukers are poisoned.

Harambe had no intention to hurt the child, since he was still alright when the authority came. by human decree, upon utilizing Harambe as a slave with entertainment value (and some unnaturally scientific) he was granted an artificial lair to be his own. it was his safe space. a human violated that decree, and humans decided Human Rights overpower Ape Rights.