Kindness and Anonymity

If one brags about their kindness are they doing it for themselves, so they feel good; or, are they doing it to look good?

I once knew a man who constantly bragged about how nice he was; always reminding everyone what nice things he was doing for everyone else; was he really that nice?

ie. Las Vegas casino mogul Steve Wynn donated $2 million to a charity for the poor, anonymously, and a few months later “admitted” that it was him – why make an “admission”? When he originally donated, anonymously, it was to feel good; but, after the “admission” it was just to look good.

The kindest people are the ones you never hear about, which may be a positive more than a negative; humans are apt to generalize and stereotype, so if someone does something good anonymously it leads One, the receiver of kindness, to look at Humanity as a whole positively instead of just that one person, because it could have been anyone who helped.