Love is a Universal Force

Love is more than mere chemistry; love is the conscious experience of the blind force of gravity.

Just like a magnet will be attracted to another magnet, a person will be attracted to another person; the magnet did not choose which force to attract towards, and the person does not choose their significant other (if you are born with a certain brain, say a math-oriented brain, you will most likely be attracted to a math-oriented person – you chose neither the brain nor, therefore, the person you are attracted to).

The brain is an antenna which is tuned to the frequency of the Universal Consciousness; we all reflect this consciousness in our own way; you have certain electrical impulses ordained by your hormonal levels; thus you are attracted to a like-minded person, a person who reflects the Universal Consciousness in much the same way as you.

Love thus is the conscious experience of gravity; hate is the conscious experience of anti-gravity; and consciousness follows the unconscious patterns of the Laws of Physics.