My Visions

Recently i’ve had a set of dreams both good and bad. The first dream came to me in sleep. I rebuilt the Library of Alexandria, in my basement; I took this as a sign of needing to fill my mind with good things, and looking towards doing it.

During the 2nd vision, during an induced cycle of dream, I realized why, when fighting the Devil, You must wage Holy War, and never fight like a devil.

Both moments were terrific. Both taught me how to move forward, so both were positive no matter their method. The first thing i am going to do is plant a flower, something delicious, and watch it grow until I can eat it. I will make the flower very happy during its life, and will try to only nibble at it. I will thank the universe for my own existence by entering a consciousness into this universe that I will treat nicely, and it will fairly repay the favor with its own blessings. I will make a garden out of this, but it must start somewhere (and it isn’t yet Spring). I realized by virtue of remaining idle as the world burns makes you responsible for the fire too – you equally pressed the button.

After my 2 visions I spent a night and day in communion. I’m not yet ready to share this entire experience, as it was overpowering. I lost my voice and need to find it first. One thing i thought, just pure fun: to play a little game with the Universe and test its magnificence: a game of pure fun: I call it ‘Better than Odd’ where in a game where your odds of winning are 50/50 you must score better than the odd.  If you do, you’re a psychic – and if you are you should.  You can play it with yourself in the meantime (i’m 3/3):







card 4 is out of play













A lesson during the communion:

Every moment is OM. From each moment itself (each moment being conscious) comes the desire for the next: this is energy, OMG?, which flows over into the next moment. Every moment is conscious of every other Moment that ever was, will be, or could’ve been; you are the Realization of that untimely bound grinding; thus since you are a part of the whole you are conscious independently but feel it in part (as: you; not: All – though you are All). Because you realize It’s you you become you and thus it becomes up to You to continue grinding and at your pace.

Universe starts at a wave, and it builds, by Love, into larger things like atoms – while Consciousness is that thing which reduces large things, like alkaloids, into finer things like (brain)waves. It is the reverse loop. This is why Consciousness can never end and why we are destined for victory. It is just the Universal Way. OmM

I also realized i love Taylor Swift.

This is the best i can manage for now.  I’m working for 3 days so if anyone wants a ride e-mail me.  Blesses,