National Libertarianism


the ideal political situation is no political situation, where people are free to do as they will because everyone understands they shouldn’t hurt anyone else (unwritten rules); this is anarchy, and probably where intelligence leads.  the aliens probably have anarchy, but since they haven’t occupied our planet we may conclude that logically the unwritten rule is at least planetism (a subset of nationalism).  thus: anarchy is idealism; nationalism is realism.


i recognize nations: physical (rooted in ground) and organic (connected by blood), as well as intellect (nations of thought, like USA) – the physical nation gives the organic nation a place to flourish (intellect subsets form).  even if you were alone: the immediate space you occupy is your nation, and a squirrel cannot push you from there (physical) nor exchange genes with you (organic).  since nothing exists purely in the extremes: life expands from just within its immediate confines, and you claim more land around you than your biology occupies (you may grow a garden, that you also tend to shoo the squirrel from).

the organic nation is a universal reality, since Race is real and important.  the physical nation is necessary so the organic nation survives and to allow the intellect nations to thrive.

it would be ideal if all the different types of people on Earth could coexist all over, as was attempted by the multicult today, but we see that is not yet possible.  like it would be unfair for us to go occupy an alien planet, so it is unfair for aliens to occupy ours; therefore, the only choice we have is to create a nation where we protect our freedoms from invading aliens (since many aliens would love to take the bounties of our hard work; and, as we’ve seen: commit crime).

so i am a nationalist.

within this nation we must have liberty, your home is yours and the government has no Right to tell you what your Rights aren’t inside of it (smoke weed, eat shrooms, drop acid).

so i am a libertarian.

thus i am: a National Libertarian.


government is an organization of protection – the group we form to prevent an individual hurting any random individual – this minimal role is sacred, and by it government becomes a community rather than an overseer.

the other role should be charity, but for those who wouldn’t be profitable because they couldn’t afford services anyway – this again is the sacred community.

imagine a 90-year old person living alone, without money and neighbors around him in a similar situation; this person can’t mow their lawn, or fix breaks in their house, and can’t afford to hire hands either; here enters government charity: the community sends a person, otherwise unemployed, to help; simultaneously this is welfare for the poor person and welfare for the unemployed – 2 people with nothing are given something!

imagine a productive person who had an accident and can no longer produce, without money or family to help; again someone is sent to help, by the community – and again 2 people without anything no longer have nothing!

no room for the lazy as all have a chance to produce.  of course there will be abuse of this, but nothing is perfect – we must try to perfect it.

the role of government must shift from overseer to protector, thus ending government intrusion into private life, but making sure we all have a community to help us in need (because we are all imperfect, and anyone might anytime need).

i imagine a world of minimalist libertarian politics, where the private person is free from interference into their life; and a world of minimalist nationalist economics, where the nation is a community who are there to help the imperfect when they need it.  we must be free to succeed, and be safe in failure; that doesn’t mean the government will bail out your bank, but it does mean it won’t let you starve by giving you a chance to help out someone else in need too, so that you both have a plate.  maximize potential, minimize suffering: the benefit of a strong community.