Octaganation is my movement. (Octaganation = Oxygenation)

i am not with the post-modernist “no leader” type movements.  the Earth has Sol – planets have a sun, gravity has a center, it is how the universe works.  we are all leaders of ourselves and our own movement, and though a good leader doesn’t always come up with the best idea a leader recognizes what the best idea is and goes with it; thus Octaganation is my movement, which i guide.

if you are with me, you are a Wizard of Octagon.




this of course doesn’t mean you are only a Wizard of Octagon.

if you check my twitter you’ll see i follow 1,000 people (now, i’ll be following more soon i’m sure) – so i follow lots of people, because it would be fucking stupid and arrogant to think any 1 person has all the answers and should only follow themselves……  no 1 person has all the answers, i will follow as much as i lead, the Octaganation is merely my own movement.

cheers and thank you if you believe in me!