Race matters (surrounding issues, and, inherent importance)


before reading this article, keep in mind: i am an uncle of a mix-Race child (Euro/Asian), a cousin of mix-Race twins (Euro/Gypsy), and friend of all people (my best friends are: a White – Polish – and an Asian – Chinese – who i call my chrother – brother from a Chinese mother – and i have many Indian friends etc; so if you think i’m racist: you’re barking up the wrong tree in the wrong woods).




a lot of people are afraid of Race – they think “well, if it’s real, how can we all be friends?” and i feel so sad for the reactionary fear of indoctrinated hate.

just because there were some idiots in the past who did stupid things doesn’t mean we can’t be friends…

pretending something doesn’t exist which actually does is what will cause problems.




the simplest evidence is bone marrow: if you are mixed-Race it is very, very difficult (and often nearly impossible) for you to find a bone marrow donor ; just within your family, in a uni-Race family, your chance is 30%, and within Race (expanding the pool of potential donors) it’s ~90+% – but in a mixed-Race family your chances drop significantly, even among people of your own mixing (the exact stats are very difficult to find because marxists destroy your career when you are honest about this sort of thing).  for a bone marrow match so many genes have to be the same (mostly immune controllers) that Race mixing destroys chances of a match.

one of the main reasons why mixing creates problems is chromosomal crossover or translocation – genes can shift, and if the genes that do are too dissimilar then you’ve got a problem: you’re not related to anyone else anymore.

thus: as incest too close can be bad (don’t make babies with your brother/sister, but there is evidence children by cousins is healthy) so miscegenation too far is bad (don’t make babies out of Race, but within Race – like a Pole and a Scot – can be good) – like you shouldn’t mix too close, so you shouldn’t too far.

there is talk of “hybrid vigor” but that’s equal to the “social construct” mythology – if hybrid vigor truly were the case, then Mexico or some such place would already be the home of The Master Race and instead of jumping fences to fix our roofs the illegal immigrants would be UFOing over to run NASA.  how often have you heard a horse-breeder talk about the quality of a pure-bred vs. a mix?




White Guilt is a marxist tool, it’s bullshit.

what did White people ever do evil that was unique?  when Genghis Khan was cutting off heads and throwing them over town fortifications to scare the inhabitants into running out and surrender, then killing them too, the Europeans were peacefully coexisting with nature (there were wars in Europe, no doubt, but as far as war is concerned these were honorable: 1-1 warfare wasn’t invented by Samurai, it was already a concept in ancient Celtic cultures like in Ireland in the B.C.s – actually much of the success of the Mongols was their abuse of dishonorable strategies).

when the Arabs invaded the Baltic, when the Moors conquered Spain, when the Mongols exterminated 80% of those they met through Russia to Slovakia, Europeans had lost 2/3 of the land they had inhabited (Europeans settled as far as Kazakhstan, the Cuman people, long before the Mongols were even a thing, and they were exterminated).  when Columbus set out to rediscover the Americas in 1492 the Spanish had just reconquered the Iberian Peninsula following one of the most brutal occupations in history.  so on the eve of Columbus’ travels Europeans had just reconquered a tiny sliver of the land they had occupied only a thousand years before; a European waking up to a morning in 1492 wasn’t sure if Europeans would even exist in 1493.  there was a need for a Plan B – that was colonization, a second home, because if you gave the Mongols a sailboat and a map they’d still be too stupid to make their way across the ocean (they couldn’t even make it across the Sea of Japan without accounting for typhoon season).

when Sephardi Jews sailed Portuguese-flagged merchant ships and bought African slaves from Africans for some reason White people got the blame, even though most Whites in the USA were slaves too and Whites were the ones who ended slavery – and after slavery in the USA and other White countries ended slavery of White women continued in the Ottoman Empire into the 20th Century.

it is true there were mistakes along the way, but the projection of the haters is of their own faults – we are told that the colonists made the people they colonized haters, yet, wherever Europeans colonized the original peoples still lived and actually were better off.  think about a place like South Africa, where we’re told the evil whitey suppressed the Blacks; there, the Whites settled in mostly uninhabited places, and gave Blacks high-technology that they obviously are happy with or else they’d go back to their old lives (or, tribes like the Masai wouldn’t be leaving their primitive lives in exchange for the cities if that isn’t what they wanted) – when Whites settled South Africa the Black population exploded.  so where’s the genocide?  Apartheid was merely segregation, and though Blacks needed passports to travel this was as much for their safety as the Whites: because before the Blacks had train technology they couldn’t so readily war, and would it have been ethical, honestly, for the Whites to put warring tribes freely on trains so they kill themselves faster?  interestingly, watch this video of Nelson Mandela singing “kill the Whites” with a Jew to his side who later spoke against Israeli apartheid but never sang “kill the Jews” (oh the seething hypocrisy of Jewish Marxists).  even in the USA, or Australia, the natives (who in the case of America were actually recent immigrants too, no one actually evolved in the USA) are now way more numerous than they were before colonization (often the “200million genocided” number is thrown around in the USA, but really: where the fuck did hunter-gatherers find the food to be more populous than the USA was in 1970? it’s ludicrous – at most there were 5-10 million Americans pre-colonization, and since there are way more of them today it wasn’t as evil as we’re taught in marxist universities).  the whole “smallpox blanket” thing is a myth too, never happened.  meanwhile, the Mongols really were throwing severed heads over town-fortifications.  the Aryans in India didn’t kill the Dravidians, but not many Indian Aryans are still alive today, are they?  the Moors enslaved the Spaniards and farmed them like cows for their genes (there used to be blondes in Spain, not many left) yet we’re taught these savage freaks brought civilization to Spain (ignoring that Romans were there long before the Moors).

we’re told today that when a muslim commits a terrorist strike (i acknowledge most terrorist strikes are by Israel and the USA) all muslims shouldn’t apologize, yet: because some White people made mistakes in the past apparently all White people need to feel guilty; we’re told that not all Jews are responsible for the crimes of Israelis today, and certainly we’re told they’re innocent of the crimes of their ancestors (like Bolshevism), yet: White people are told to still feel guilty about crimes centuries ago.  madness.




it is absolutely logical to be proud of your Race, as it is an extended family.  if your mom or dad did something awesome you’d be proud of them, because this reflects on you; so if your Race did something spectacular that reflects on you.  if your Race constantly keeps producing awesome things, and random members of your Race birth super-geniuses (see Tesla), then obviously there’s something there and something for you to be proud of.  it is mere logic.

when Europeans went to a place they brought culture: like the Aryans who went into India and brought the Vedas.  White Guilt is so ingrained that it is racist to make the historically accurate claim that White people birthed Hinduism – that is a European religion – as is Buddhism, and the Buddha ideal was described as light-skinned with blonde-hair and blue-eyes (i’m sure not all ancient Indian Whites were blonde-haired and blue-eyed, but the point is: they saw it as a beautiful ideal).  i have nothing against that lovely ideal though am a brown-eyed sandy-blonde-haired boy myself.  i have nothing against what someone else finds beautiful.

the ancient Egyptian architects and pharoahs were Europeans, it is obvious by their blonde, auburn, and red hair (as evidenced by the mummies).  recently a million such mummies were discovered.  yet, that is a racist thing now too: to claim the historical reality that migrating Europeans birthed these Great Civilizations.

it is also racist to make what seems a logical historically accurate claim that migrating Europeans brought the wheel to Asia, and that many of the great ancient inventions of China (like paper, and the compass) originated in the areas where migrating Whites lived (probably having come from India).

and what happened to those people who stayed in Europe, while their brothers and sisters migrated to start these Great Civilizations?  they continued in the societies that birthed those civilization-birthers: slowly and artificially evolving their form in the most beautiful and naturally connected way.  in ancient Europe the hamlets, villages, communities, for thousands-and-thousands-and-thousands of years had intricate ceremonies of selection; of much of these ceremonies we can only speculate, but much evidence survives as to how it was (and during different eras things were done differently): we know often girls and boys both chose their lovers, as well often they were chosen for them (by village elders, with loving guidance); there were labyrinths where maidens and lads were sent to find each other; i think the people thought to be the most beautiful were challenged to find each other in these labyrinths (and other such things) and make the babies of the future; everyone understood that they were related, and so selections like this promoted unity and didn’t take away from anyone, because everyone succeeded; the sacrifice of those who chose not to have children was for the good of the community, such a lovely thing.  no matter how it may have been, we know that it was somehow, and so: as a European, as a White person, you are the descendant of some of the most beautiful natural eugenic conscious selection in the history of mankind.

only the enemy of love would dare make anyone ashamed of that beauty just because they are not of it too.

the ice ages were the most racist events in history, surviving them was the bravest.  for some reason we’re taught that humans are the single animal on planet Earth that is immune to the effects of evolution and environment, even though people living under the sun have darker skin and people living in the cold have white skin (just the very basic of adaptations; if you live in a harsh and changing climate you need to plan ahead, prepare for the seasonal variety, thus natural selection begins to favor the intelligent).  we’re taught humans are immune to evolution even though neanderthals had thick bones and stocky figures precisely to survive the cold, and we know that Europeans are closely related to neanderthals (i expect that within a few years, with the death of cultural marxism and the freedom to speak the truth about genetics, we will find out that Europeans are actually the direct descendants of neanderthals).  we’re taught that for some reason Africans with inferior technology, who learned to sail hundreds-of-thousands of years after other people, somehow managed to, with their dark skin and warm climate adaptations, enter into a cold climate and eliminate the people who were superior in technology and cold adaptation.  it’s ludicrous.  and it is not a theory accepted outside of marxist “social construct” theorist schools.




who is trying to destroy the concept of Race? Marxists, and yes, they’re mostly Jews (before Jews get too fed up: i don’t give one flying fuck about the opinion of those who are offended by truth, i’m offended that you’re offended.  just because most marxists, especially in academia, are Jews doesn’t mean you have the Right to be offended about someone pointing that out.  and, for the record, i have a Jewish relative who could’ve gone fishing with that nose so i’m unbiased here, so stop barking up the wrong tree in the wrong woods).

here is a Jew academic by the name of Noel Ignatiev clearly stating he believes White people should be genocided (Jews like this don’t consider themselves White).  keep in mind: Ignatiev has a Jewish wife, just like the Jew former president of France, Nikolas Sarkozy (he had kids with a Jew though his current wife isn’t a Jew – but that’s irrelevant since he had Jewish kids), who said that White people should be forced by law to miscegenate (he called it the challenge of the 21st Century – which goes in line with the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan which is the official policy of the European Union: to exterminate White people via mass-immigration and leave Jews in charge).  it is interesting that we can call the replacement of the Tibetan population by Chinese genocide, but if you call the official EU policy of population replacement “genocide” you’re a “racist” apparently.

so why do these people want to destroy Races, particularly the White (though all are targeted, no doubt)?  as explored in a previous article: because they want to dominate and see Whites and other pure Races as a challenge (because Jews consider their intellect sacred, basing it on their history of scholarship – though i remind the reader: Jews didn’t invent the printing press, quite ironic).  thus why “White Guilt” is a fostered sacrosanct academic concept in marxist universities across USA and Europe: to obliterate homogeneity in the perceived enemy.

obviously most Jews aren’t the enemy, i don’t think your average Jew is out to destroy anyone; nevertheless, it cannot be denied that those who do are predominantly Jews.  as well: while your average White person has to fear destruction, your average Jew doesn’t since they’re a protected category because Europeans don’t want to kill Jews (even during the worst of Jewish massacres, like Bolshevism, as explained by Winston Churchill in section 5 “Protectors of the Jews” of his article Zionism vs. Bolshevism) and Jews don’t want to kill Jews.  if some genocide against Jews came about (which i think may happen soon, so Jews better get off their butts because people are beginning to hate you more than ever) i’d hide my Jewish friends in my basement, and protect Jews like General Denikin did, but i doubt most will be so kind and i can’t say i blame them.  can you blame me?  look into your heart, and ask yourself: “if someone was destroying my people for millenia, and the innocents among the destroyers were protected by those being destroyed, wouldn’t that kindness eventually run out (since those innocents were themselves silent for those millenia and so actually helped the genocidal maniacs with the silence, and when they spoke they called truthsayers “anti-semite”)? think about that, think about it deeply.  Jews have none but Jews to blame for the hatred of Jews, because it is Jews who are hating others (that it’s a minority is entirely irrelevant when the majority receive benefits from the criminal class).

just like in Weimar Germany when Jews ran the Central Bank and enriched the average Jew but made the average German poor, so in the USA (and European nations) the Federal Reserve (and Central Banks) are ruining economies while Jews on Wall Street (and City of London et al) make a killing; it is no coincidence that Jews are the chairmen of The Fed: like Greenspan, Bernanke, and Yellen; because a top position like that, one of the very cores of Jewish Mafia power, can never be entrusted to anyone but a blood loyalist (not even the stupids of others that Jews choose as allies can be trusted with this).  just like that ended poorly for Jews in Germany and Europe then (all the pogroms, etc) so it will end poorly for Jews in the USA and Europe now; but, who will suffer most?  the innocents, like always; the mafiosos will run away to do their thing again, while innocents burn.  this is why the greatest threat to Jews are Jews, and you can think of people like me (those that are honest) as best friends.  i’m trying to prevent Jews from burning.

it would be best for humanity if groups stopped killing each other.  most people have, most groups have, except Jews (again: not all Jews, but undeniably their elites are doing it and most Jews defend it, whether accidentally or not, with words like “anti-semite”).