Respecting the Miscellany of the Human Genome (and the Source of Disrespect)

Human difference is beautiful, and sacred.  That we have so many different kinds of humans is a gift from Nature, but that we deny their existence is damnation from humanity itself.  Some might be afraid, thinking “oh, what if there is another genocide?” yet such isn’t the true and only history of racial difference.  And those so afraid of some minor differences like intellect forget the flowering beauty of music: though only a few Races were ever in caves or out in the cold counting resources ahead of time for survival, we were all dancing around the campfires honing our unique forms and that is precisely the beauty, that racists who deny uniqueness in difference, insult.

There is a movement in modern political(ly correct) ideology to simplify the definition of Human to include all Human types with disregard to subsets – “one Race, the Human Race” – this is an Evil form of Communism which disrespects; the differences within Creation; the essence of the Universe (Difference); and thus the Universe itself.

If Nature intended for everything to be the same there would be no Universe, simply a uniform blob (if even that). Claiming to be color-blind is demeaning the colors of the Universe within Humanity.

The claim tends to be that Race is a Social Construct (last I checked genes were a Universal Construct). This is in the same line of hateful thought like gender is a Social Construct (last I checked my penis was really there). To fool people into believing this nonsense like “gender isn’t real” are examples like “men used to wear stockings” – this confuses social constructs revolving around gender, like stockings, with physical realities like penises and vaginas. In their brains men and women have different amounts of neurons in different places leading to obvious differences in general character, even if there are overlaps; each gender has its strengths.  To confuse people into believing Race isn’t real generally noted are the very minor genetic differences between Human types, ignoring that it is extremely minor changes which have major effects.

Some animals have not changed for millions of years – why couldn’t some humans not have changed for a few hundreds-of-thousands of years? the Human Races as branches on a tree – some branches have not grown as far, but they are still independent and unique and must not be shaved. It is obvious that Palestinians at the moment are nowhere near as generally intelligent as Jews, but this does not excuse their genocide by Israelis – Palestinians have a Right to exist and must be preserved so that when they evolve their intelligence to the Israeli level they will produce their own specific and unique interpretations of the Universe in hymn, word, etc… and it isn’t as if they don’t do beautiful things today.

With the Good (racial differences) sometimes comes the bad (some groups unfit to live with others). There are some humanoids alive today which are clearly not Human. There are still H. Erectus walking, but this fact is only insulting to those who are not in touch with themselves, it is scary to those who feel that someone else’s particular physical inferiority means they too are inferior. Just like we are all ignorant for we don’t know everything, we are all in some ways inferior for we are not the best at everything. This admission is the first step to improving – it is a beautiful admission where ego-loss precedes mind-gain.

The simple fact that One is alive is the happiest realization – it does not matter what you have been given, for you have the Gift: life. Just because One may not write a philosophical text equal to Plato’s does not mean they cannot enjoy Plato – that is the Gift, that no matter what you are a winner because you are alive. I believe in Winners, but there is no losing in life. This follows the positive spirit of the Universe – it all exists precisely because it is Positive, because something is out of equilibrium and shifts to positivity (this positivity born in consciousness). It is like the word “sir” – when you call someone “sir” you are momentarily knighting their Being, but you never demean your own.

It does not matter if one human is better than another, nor whether one group is; we are all Life and in spirit are equal for we are essences of the Universal Spirit in physical form. But, we do perform differently regardless of our spiritual connections. A squirrel will not be the first Earthling on Mars (unless humans decide to send one). Of course giving everyone a medal “we are all winners” is wrong because it freezes progress – someone does win even if no one really loses (the goal is to become the best you can become, and you achieve this through assimilating the Good which is around you, therefore another’s win is yours too).  There is a Universal Standard, it is not all Relative – the Fibonacci sequence is not relative, it is set; Pi is not relative, it is set; evolution is not blind, there are goals – aren’t counting as fast as possible, or recognizing patterns as fast as possible, Universal prerogatives?

If Europeans lived in Jamaica we would not have Reggae music; if Africans lived in Europe we would not have Baroque music – each Race has its own particular strengths and averages which lead to different results. That Europeans have the highest populations of intelligentsia (highest standard deviation in IQ) has led to them mostly inventing the World; that NE Asians have the highest average IQ has led to Japan having an extremely stable (and positively weird) society.  Europeans may have a lower average, but like men outnumber women in both extremes of IQ, so Europeans outnumber Asians in the extremes.

Communists claim that IQ tests are culturally biased towards Europeans. They say this even though NE Asians (on average) outperform Europeans (why Communists are mad about European IQ particularly is explained later). I personally believe in IQ tests on a group level being legit, but not the most accurate on an individual level – the smartest African i ever knew had an IQ of 105 but you wouldn’t know it from speaking to him, he was in beautiful tune with the Universe, though i fully believe the average African-American IQ to be 86 (this reflects merely their general intellectual insights, not their physical, emotional, nor rhythmical channels – all types of intelligences not tested by standard IQ exams).

Why the Communist drive to erase differences? Why the drive to create a uniform Humanity? Why is Politically Correct ideology so Naturally Incorrect? Communists are brainwashing Good-hearted people (and having a good heart is better than a good mind, for without a good heart a good mind is useless, but without a good mind a good heart is still a positive to everyone – or, at least, isn’t negative – a bad heart with a good mind leads to things like Bolshevism) into believing that they don’t exist because they want to destroy them – this is obvious: if you believe “one Race, the Human Race” you will not respect your Race and thus may act to destroy it by miscegenation. If the Universe intended for differences we cannot arrogantly supersede this. We know this cannot be superseded anyway because in Nature, among animals (we are animals therefore no reason to believe we wouldn’t follow this Rule), those who procreate with too distant genetics fare poorly relative to those who breed within their group (why many mixed animals become sterile) – just as it is generally not good to breed too close (in your family) it is generally bad to breed too far (outside your Race). The Gift comes with responsibilities: maintaining Nature’s form, whilst improving upon it, is one responsibility.  This does not mean Africans, Asians, and Europeans shouldn’t be friends and dance together; you can be friends with a cat or a dog so no reason not to befriend a fellow human, it would actually be Evil not to befriend a fellow human just because they’re different Race (but other differences are logical – if you like soccer you won’t go play hockey, etc.. and so will have like-minded friends); the problem is with making babies and losing a Race – this is the crime against Nature.

The European Union was founded by Communists of the Soviet Union variety. These people are obviously out to kill (Holodomor, etc..). These are the same people who coined terms like “one Race, the Human Race” all while believing in Race!

Before the story begins i must note that i love all (Good) Humans and do not judge a person for the crimes of their kin.

 Winston Churchill, in a February 1920 article (Zionism vs. Bolshevism: a Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People), wrote that Bolshevism was Jewish Bolshevism – that it was this Race which was committing great Evil, contrary to its creating the benevolence of Christianity (Churchill noted this was ironic). The Communists of Russia were not Russian (the entire top echelon was Jewish), and were committing a genocide against Russians and Ukrainians precisely because they were not Jewish.  What the Nazis were to Germans, the Soviets were to Jews (Nazis = pro-German; Soviets = pro-Jew).

Obviously not all Jews were involved in this plot – most Jews just wanted to go about their lives and ignore this insanity. But this is where the trouble begins (though doesn’t end): ignoring your brother’s crime when he is committing it for you – the Jewish Bolsheviks were killing Europeans because they wanted to populate the land with Jews; this means that if the Jewish Bolshevik plot failed Europeans would live and Jews would live; but if the Jewish Bolsheviks succeeded Europeans would die, but Jews would still live. Therefore, ignoring the crimes of their kin actually incriminated Jewry in general. The association with Genocidal Jewry became stronger for all Jews when they began to claim people who claim facts are “anti-Semites” – ie., claiming One is an “anti-Semite” for disapproving the Palestinian genocide (and Palestinians are Semites too, ironically) – and that Jewish Bolshevism is some sort of “conspiracy.

By joining forces with Genocidal Jewry, all Jews became suspect; with genocides caused by Jews like Holodomor the reality is that before a single bullet was fired in World War II already tens-of-millions of non-Jews were exterminated by Jews. By ignoring their kin’s crimes Jews put themselves into those Concentration Camps. The reason this is important is because Jews were, and through the European Union still are, committing suicide by attempting genocide.  The architect of the European Union (Coudenhove-Kalergi) wrote specifically that the European was to be mixed out of existence, implying this to be achieved through mass-immigration from Africa, and specifically stated that Jews were to lead Europe after the mix was achieved (thus acknowledging Race, even though he promoted “one Race, the Human Race”). Coudenhove-Kalergi wasn’t himself genetically Jewish, but a convert to the Tribe is a tribesman.

It would be a tragedy to lose Jewish people – no one wants Jews to disappear – but what i find Jews don’t generally understand is that no one is blaming all of them for Soviet crimes, but blaming the ones who are calling truth-seekers “anti-Semitic” and paranoid etc… and blamed are the Jews which cannot come to terms with the fact that Jews put themselves into those Concentration Camps, and that the 100+ nations/cities/regions which expelled them over the last 2,000 years couldn’t have all been wrong – what is more logical, that: a) the hundreds of unrelated groups which expelled Jews from their homes were all wrong, and all of Humanity are stupid haters for no reason other than religious bigotry and Jews are the only Good; or, b) that Jews themselves were doing something wrong?  Why is b) considered racist? it is the simplest and most logical position.

Why does this minority of elite Jews (again: I do not blame any Jew for genocide unless they join the genocidal side by claiming “anti-Semite” which is becoming an accessory to murder via hiding crimes behind words) hate Europeans so much that they wish to erase them? This is due to the reality that Aryans are the Creators of the Human World – most forward momentum in technology was European (no one denies non-European additions, of course there were non-Europeans to add to technology – but most of it, and all the base, was European). Jews are very intelligent, surely (no one denies this), but their intelligence is very specific; were it not for Europeans they would still be in Ancient Babylon (another civilization Jews enjoyed that was not even of their own making) or Egypt (ie., Ramses II was red-headed, from a red-headed family – it was a European civilization, a colony and they used non-European slaves to build it). The fact of Racial matters is that Europeans are the most overall intelligent in this world but because there is a group of ego-full jealous haters who want to be #1 now they attempt to destroy the group that really is #1 instead of evolving to goals (Richard Nixon, with who I do not agree politically btw, noted that the Jews around him have a major inferiority complex and become abrasive and aggressive – i certainly do not consider Nixon a generally positive source of racial information but his opinions were interesting for sure).

Most Jews of course add to the beauty of the Universe (when they aren’t killing Palestinians or calling detractors “anti-Semitic”). Sadly many Jews believe the extremely evil idea of a “Chosen” status – which is really self-chosen. You cannot choose yourself to lead others – they must choose you. And you cannot force anyone to choose you through warfare; ie., if Jews were not so involved in the politics of the Nobel Prizes they would not win so many – a perfect example of Nobel Prize corruption (which is warfare of the mind) is the Jew Henry Kissinger (the genocidal evil maniac who ordered chemical warfare against Vietnamese, by bombing their farms with toxic agents – the logic behind this was that the Vietcong could be any random civilians thus they must all die..!!) – if this psychopath can win a Nobel Peace Prize, obviously something is wrong.

Most Israelis I have met have been nothing but sweethearts to me – I love Israelis. I say this for two reasons: a) so no one thinks I hate a group of people I actually love, and b) so no one thinks I am an evilnazithatwantstogassixmillionJews. It would be tragic to lose a reflection of the Human Spirit, and Jews are one of those reflections; but Jews must recognize that it is suicidal (genocidal) tendencies, their own actions, which led to pogroms (were the Russians really wrong to expel Jews when it was Jews who were exterminating them? and from the general Jewish population came the recruits of death, so it was logic to fear the community as a whole) and which led to the Camps. Why didn’t Europeans have a Right to fear Jewish Bolshevism? of course they had reason to fear.  Why is it not Right to connect Jewry to it, when all its leaders were Jews? of course it is Right.

The sad reality is that the top-echelon of promoters of hatred against the beauty of the miscellany of the Human Genome are Jewish, though certainly many non-Jews both willingly and unwillingly join the plot – but the plot remains entirely Jewish because the top echelon are Jews, and when a subservient converts to the Tribe (ie., Coudenhove-Kalergi) the plot remains Jewish (though conversion is unnecessary when subservience is present already).

Regardless of the source of the Hate – which One may choose to disregard in promoting Love (you may ignore my calling out one group, and please understand that even if i am wrong i Love all people, even if i am wrong about the source of hate the point is there is hate and it must be stopped) – the fact is Humanity is a beautiful and varied bunch. It is lovely that we have groups that are so alien to each other and still able to communicate and share in the Beauty of life. I am sure little green aliens are jealous that we have such closely related aliens with who we can evolve to the next stages. Bless that we are so different. Embrace this beauty, and recognize there are responsibilities with it – the responsibility of maintaining the Gift.