See you at the next Karmatic loop, Robin

Robin Williams was one of the The Most Awesome and Beautiful Human Beings to ever walk the Earth or who would’ve floated Greatly in Space too had he went. I am so sad to see him go Elsewhere so soon.

He was malfunctioning in a Supreme Way, Bless His Soul, and I hope he haunts Humanity for eons as a ghost and not just a memory, but I do already miss his physical form so much, since he had so much more to teach after all the learning he did about what we laughed for, why we cried, and what Humanity was in Its smile. Robin was one of the most lovely people to ever live.

I don’t think it was Right that he did this, but I will not judge nor criticize for that sort of ultimate decision is solely with the bearer as it is a lonesome one; but of course i’m so sad that he was so lonesome in a world full of people he loved so much.