self-chosen elites don’t deter self-determination

self-responsibility is the ultimate.  whoever is leading the world is irrelevant when it comes to your personal choices.  we must all be self-responsible if we are to take back the world completely.

just because a bunch of fools are leading the world doesn’t mean they have total control.  if they had total control things would be much different.  ie. the Iraq war was planned for almost 2 decades before it began, World War 3 was meant to begin under the first Bush yet it took a false-flag strike and Bush Jr. to get it rolling (remember that evil rarely believes it’s evil; usually there is a ‘good’ excuse, like: “we’re only doing this to prevent a greater tragedy” or “they need to learn this lesson now so the real one, the worse one, won’t be learned”).

though there are ‘elites’ charging the world their power is not absolute.  far from it.  this is why they are so afraid of the internet, of technology in general: because they can’t control it, and with time the only absolute is the corrosion of their power.