Take One for the Universe

Trans-Humanism is Wrong in a Universal way – Humans should never attach technology to their Person in order to artificially construct something only Nature should; intelligence, emotion, beauty; Emotion is a Supernatural phenomena, adding robots to the body is a Natural reduction, a shortcut via the Material to an Immaterial Phenomena tuned into only via the Eternal anyway.

If Humans are beautiful now, than why stop progressing that Beauty? What is Sexier; a Cyborg, or a Czech God(dess)? Which will make you happier in a Universe designed to be shared by pure Life; something with Consciousness or something used by your lonely own? If we are grateful to our ancestors for making us Beautiful; the Labrynths of Love of the European tribes, celebrating Pagan God(desse)s by fire-jumping over energy insemination; why should we end the process and attach to our Beings something to permanently alter us? As there is a use for drugs but over-use is negative, so there is a use for technology but over-use kills; for is One still Conscious after programs regurgitate his actions for them?

Which ancestor would be more proud; the one who is half-cyborg, half-alive, who after having kids has to hook the child to technology immediately else they fail to live (thus eventually ruining fertilization leading to a need for cloning in a laboratory depending then purely on Technology to survive as a being which must fertilize to remain always for even an accident assures death in some form and cloning a Being (Spirit) of Immaterial Eternity (Consciousness) is not cloning their Immaterial Consciousness through Physical (Genetic) Regurgitation (cloning)). Immortality is found only in One’s children, via which we are Two – the Essence of the Universe for 1 has nothing to gravitate towards – and being that there is a Plus in the Universe: through 2 you can make 3, 4, 5 + Blesses be to Creation and miscellane! then; after having pos(itively)itioned yourself continue to consciously lift higher to the Eternity, take one for Team Universe and begone so someone else can cum!