Thank you Humans

As many readers know (and for those that don’t…) i drive a yellow-cab in NYC.  This means i am in the service sector, and i survive on the kindness of others.  And others are so kind.  Humans are so lovely…  If it weren’t for the kindness of strangers i’d starve.  This is no exaggeration, as the Mafia runs the yellow-cab industry and are they greedy pigs!

For the most part i don’t get to see who is kind to me because i usually don’t look at the “tip” when it comes up on the meter, and if i am confirming that a credit card transaction was successful i do my very best to avoid seeing what the tip was – this is between you and the Universe.  Usually the only times i see the tip is if i am looking at the charge on the meter just when someone is putting it in, or if they pay by cash.  But, because i see at the end of the day a printout which includes the total tips i received (plus i do sometimes see tips when checking trip log) i know humans are Good!

Tipping is a funny and awkward thing.  Sometimes people super tip me, and i don’t know if to say thank you – because isn’t a tip saying thank you? so how do you say “thank you” to a “thank you” ? so i try to refrain, but, thank you!

It is a difficult world, and we only have ourselves to make it easier.  Whenever you bring into someone’s world a cheer, remember, you are helping them forget a fear!  I want to thank here everyone that i never got to thank in person…

On another note: i’ve come to start using Twitter! @martinvlcek if you’d like to see what i’m up to.