the craziness that’s going on

obviously there is some insane stuff going on in this world.  i promised a video defining the truth as i understand it, in its completeness.  this i have, but simultaneously i realize there is so much indoctrination and so i wonder if the entire truth immediately is the best way of bringing people over.  i think of the scene from the Matrix where Neo was told “some people are so wired to the Matrix they will fight to defend it” which seems quite true.  so i’m editing it, but i’ve decided no matter what my thoughts are i will release the final on 5/31 (which will be the whole truth as i see it – i’m not backing down, just appreciating from other angles).

i don’t think it’ll take everyone being awakened, even during the American Revolution only 1/3 of people were Patriots, 1/3 didn’t care, and 1/3 were Loyalists – but i do think the majority of people today are angry with The System and a spiritual awakening and political revolution is very close.

for now, please follow me on Twitter or subscribe to me on Youtube, as i will begin making short videos of what is going on weekly (like a summary of what happened, usually to be released on Sunday; so this Sunday i will make one about the #BlackLivesMatter protests etc).  i am also looking for guests to speak with me so if you want to chat with me on something you find interesting please send me an e-mail.

when i originally set out to do the total truth video i had stated my belief that winning against lies would be easy.  i’m still convinced of this, as the war is already won but merely some of the battles haven’t been fought yet.  nevertheless, it won’t be easy if we don’t try.  it’ll take a lot of self-responsibility.  self-responsibility as in: if there is a recycling bin a block away from you, don’t throw the plastic bottle into the trash can; responsibility as in try not to drink from plastic (though in instances like in a car this is necessary for safety, you don’t want glass shattering in an accident; so try hemp or vegetable plastic).  self-responsibility is where righteousness begins, for how can you convince others of righteousness when you are wrong yourself?




as for what can and should be done today: begin stockpiling food, just in case.  the psychopathic elites are trying to start WW3 and though i don’t think they’ll succeed they’re still going to try, and hard times will hit when the artificial-debt-bubble will burst (which it may this year or next).  if you can’t afford much start doing it bit by bit, a can of beans here and a can of tomatoes there…

there was a director of a film titled “Gray State” about the coming Police State and riots, he was murdered and it was made to look like a murder-suicide (he apparently killed his family); do you think a person who cares so much for people that he’d make a film warning us about what was coming would just kill himself?  obviously he was murdered.  if you look at the Youtube video now, of Gray State, you’ll find it was replaced with some bullshit Alex Jones type nonsense.  Alex Jones is a co-intel pro who goes deep in with The Powers That Be…  very strange coincidence: the Freddie *Gray* situation almost started riots and a police state; now this might just be a coincidence, no doubt, but with all the craziness going on, who knows?

remember: TPTB believe that if you are stupid enough to go along with their plan, that you deserve your fate… simultaneously they kill the Kennedy’s who tell you what they’re doing.  so really they are pure evil but lie to themselves that they give you a chance.  the evil has also setup gatekeepers like Alex Jones et al to speak some truth and hide the ultimate truth in a veil.

i don’t back down from fear.