the diet for riots


it is obvious that Freddie Gray was murdered.  he was in police custody and his spine was destroyed, and though now there are claims it was self-inflicted, the fact is: One cannot shatter their spine 80%, maybe 5% at best.  so surely it was murder, but the issues in Baltimore are beyond 1 case; this is a macro problem.




as complicated as it seems, the problem is actually very simple.  it comes from 3 sides: the police community, the Black community, and the government.  all are responsible, equally.

the first issue, of course, is government: by making victimless crimes victimfull they’ve created criminals out of innocents.  once someone has on their record a felony it’s hard to reconnect with society.  the mass-media, a branch of the government, focuses solely on Black-victim White-perp crimes rather than the much more common opposite thereby enraging media’s fools.

this of course doesn’t excuse the massive amount of violence in the Black community, which well-meaning apologists do.  in trailer parks across White America we see more poverty than in the Black Ghettos and yet we don’t see anywhere near the same violence rate.  simple reality check60% of Blacks girls under 18 have been sexually assaulted.  that is a Black community problem.  that is a crime of the heart, not of the wallet.  no one is at fault but Blacks themselves for this.  much crime is exacerbated by stupid laws, no doubt; but, there are some realities without reason that cannot be excused.

the police community exacerbates the problem by violently opposing Black violence.  it is cyclical anger.  ie. Amadou Diallo may have been an innocent, but the cops who shot him were out for vigilante justice: he matched the profile of a serial rapist.  that’s the issue that no one talks about: the cops feel like they’re at war and by killing Blacks they’re lowering crime rates.  that’s how it is, disagree with it or not isn’t my point for stating it: i’m just stating how it is.

until every side takes equal responsibility for their faults we won’t get anywhere.  because the reality is: all sides have a point (except the government.  fuck the government).




i obviously don’t expect government to take responsibility, but the first step we must take is free the weed.  once weed is legalized, and other victimless crimes decriminalized, we’ll have the opportunity to begin rebuilding (and, bonus points: maybe enough people will be high enough to realize we then must get rid of The Fed).  we’ll stop incarcerating innocents, of whatever Race, and get rid of the complaints about fatherless households (we can’t blame all fatherless households on prison, but it certainly has a massive impact).

the Black community must do something about its violence, which decriminalization of victimless crimes won’t entirely eradicate.  even Martin Luther King spoke about the extreme crime rate amongst Blacks, and this was long before weed was heavily criminalized or a crack epidemic.

more cops have to be smart (i know many very smart cops, but i know more very dumb ones), and we need to get rid of the upper-IQ limit.  we don’t need vigilantes, we need peacekeepers.

most cops probably know someone who was a victim of crime, probably why they became cops (thus their anti-Black attitude).  most Blacks probably know someone good who was the victim of bad police, thus their anti-cop attitude.  government couldn’t be happier.

it’s a washing machine without detergent, and the shit is rolling.