the fool of my enemy is just a tool


the fool of my enemy is just a tool, so don’t lose focus.

but of course we must take a look at the fools, who they are and why, in order to understand those fooling.  the devil couldn’t Be without the demons, and the demons wouldn’t Be without the devil.




the Devil of course is the one with the power, who is using money as a tool to bribe the demons.  the Devil is the banker, specifically they who own the Central Banks (thus having an infinite source of money within a finite system – problematic from the onset).  in order to maintain a Central Bank fiasco, like The Federal Reserve or The Central Bank of England, is required a lot of coercion since people who know what’s up inevitably want to take them down.

how does the Devil maintain the system? by sharing with the demons: the rothschildren pay the defense industry to start wars, the defense industry profits and is appeased, and the Devil has a bodyguard; the bankers pay for mass-media, the advocates are happy and the Devil has a speech therapist; the bankers pay for pharmaceutical research, the demons are happy to experiment and the Devil has an apathetic population.  the Devil maintains power through his demons.




naturally, there must be a massive amount of social engineering in order to continue this coverup.

this is where things like #GamerGate are from. this is why in Universities there is a near universal focus on atrocities committed by some people who were White and not on those who weren’t: why we hear of the evils of European colonialism and the evils of the Crusades, but rarely hear about the Mongolian Invasions which preceded colonialism nor about the Jihads which began centuries before the first Crusade; it is why we hear about the “evil Spaniards” reconquering Spain from the Moors, who apparently civilized Spain via ethnic cleansing and forced conversion; it is why we hear about slavery as a White invention even though White slaves were being held long before a single European owned a slave, and long after Europeans banished slavery; it’s why we hear about the British Empire so often, but the Ottoman Empire so rarely.

at first this doesn’t make sense: why would “Whites” so quickly demonize Whites? why would European nobility go along with the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan when on the surface it calls for their extermination and replacement with Jews, via mass-immigration? the answer is simpler than the question: because the nobility is multi-ethnic, merely revolving around an idea: Judaism; because nobility of power is not nobility of spirit.

if you condensed all Jews into 100 people, this is what would happen: 10 of them would have all the power, and of those 10: 5 are ethnic Jews, 5 are Europeans; the other 90 are fools.  and the fool of my enemy is a tool, nothing more.  the enemy: the 10.  they organize around Judaism, but that they are Jews is irrelevant.  it is irrelevant because the 90 fools are just as likely to be exterminated as the other 90 million fools if the NWO comes.

the powered elite is on the same page: they couldn’t care less about the squabbles of the non-elites because it won’t affect them (or so they believe).  that White gamers, or White men, or Whites-in-general, are being demonized is a nevermind to these idiots.  they don’t care.  because they’ll have all their power regardless, and they don’t care about mass opinions.

and why do they hate Whites so much? why do they demonize Whites so much? because: competition.  how many rothschildren helped invent the internet? how many vander-built or designed the railroads? how many rockefellows engineered a positive civilization? the answer is nonethey have done nothing.  they had 1 smart person in their family tree who amassed a bunch of number$ and now they have power.  that’s all.  they are worthless beyond that.  and they know it.  that is why they have to destroy society: so that they can remain at the top, because in a spiritually positive society they’d be just average powered people.  this is why bitcoin is so dangerous to them.  because it is an affront to their power.  they can’t maintain power in a fair world.  so they must destroy the world, in order to maintain power.

why do the idiots revolve around Judaism? because Judaism is idiotic.  the “Chosen” mentality is a crime – it is nothing more than self-chosen.  and if you had to choose yourself: a) no one else did; b) you’re a narcissistic sociopath.  this is why Judaism was the perfect vessel for a psychopathic elite that chose itself as holy nobility.  religious birthright superiority is about the most unconscious thing imaginable.




50% of the Harvard administration are Jews and such numbers are replicated all over academia (David Duke is a respectable and respectful person, and if you’ve been fed hate towards him: your loss for disrespecting honest information – just because he despises the Jewish mafia doesn’t mean he hates Jews, only their mafia).  such numbers are possible only by Mafioso like tactics.  if, after recognizing this fact (some people deny reality), you still don’t realize there is in fact a problem with the Jewish Mafia: you’re an intellectual loss.  there is no better way to put it.  it is true that the Jews at the top are not Jews as most think of them, they are multi-ethnic no doubt (as explained earlier), but the point is: they do revolve around Judaism and Jews get extreme benefits.  there is no other explanation, because even the slightly higher IQ of Jews does not explain such a massive discrepancy.  the slightly higher IQ of Jews does not explain the Oscars, excuse me the Nobel Prizes, either: the Nobels are nothing more than a show.  Tesla never won a Nobel, Gandhi never won a Nobel (Gandhi loved Hitler, just so you understand why he never won the Prize).  the reason Jews give themselves so many Nobels (gifts are all they are) is to make those people not yet converted to Judaism want to convert or at least feel jealous/envious/enamored.  it is a way of tricking people.  Consider the Nobel for LEDs: 3 Japanese scientists won for making a blue LED, while the 3 White guys who actually invented the LED never won a single Nobel.

but the Jews participating are fools: ie. the Jewish feminists are tools, they may have success now: but when the SHTF what are they going to do with their social-justice degrees? starve.  that is why the fools aren’t the problem, but a problem.  i’ve met enough Harvard “educated” people to know that, though occasionally a very intelligent person is among them, the fact is: it is mostly now a social club.  i grew up in a part of Queens where many Jews lived, Bayside, and i know that Jews are a slightly bit smarter on average, but they aren’t spectacular or nearly so at all and certainly have no monopoly on intelligence.  Jews claim to be more intelligent because of a history of scholarship: so why didn’t they invent the printing press?  into their ranks they tended to accept merchants, not inventors or scholars.  One cannot forget all the intelligentsia that never converted.

so what are these 50% (like at Harvard)? they are the demons, not the Devil.  the Devil is using these people even though they may not realize it.  most are victims, though willing ones.  at the very top of the fake-Jew hierarchy there is as much infighting as can be imagined in a system devised around greed, selfishness determines loss; the demons forget that the devils are plotting against them too, and even against the other devils.




the term “Jew” is a social engineering project: it is the creation of a higher Race.  i would argue that they really fucked up, which is evident by the results, but i would also say most Jews are actually cool people and i like them very much (i speak of the 90, and a few of the 10).  i’m pretty sure every intelligent person would say something like “i have a best friend who is a Jew” which they’d also say about a “German” or “Czech” (master-Race plug: it was said in the Middle-Ages that no war was a real war unless the Bohemian King came – so don’t worry Jews, that covers both bases: a) Czechs also war, and b) master-Race that! oh wait, you assimilated many Czechs.. ok nevermind, back to being on the same page).

the thing with Jew is: not all smart people became Jews; actually, less than more did.  most intelligent people don’t need a monicker like Jew, they’ll mateup with someone of their tendency; so although the Jew project is a noble ideal (and good for organization, kind of like mensa), it is not a necessary one; it is actually sad that its existence made Jews arrogant towards non-Jews.  Shakespeare wasn’t a Jew, Tesla wasn’t a Jew; and they wouldn’t want to be, because you don’t need a group to revolve around in order to find love; and: if 2 smart people are loving 2 smart people, it matters not whether 1 pair calls themselves Jew or not.

to better understand “the Jew” and why it is not the Jews as most people understand it (the Middle-Eastern Jews): look at Kate Middleton.  she is Jewish ( be damned, she’s a Jew).  does she look like anything other than a pure-blooded European?  it is obvious that she is a European, not a Jew from the Middle-East (Mizrahi) or from Khazaria, or anywhere else.  she’s a European, pure (at least close to it).  to understand why that is, look at Khazaria: where the powered nobility converted to Judaism and became “Jews” but were, genetically speaking, not Middle-Eastern.  what happened in Europe is somewhat the same, although it wasn’t only some nobility (and often nobility that didn’t convert were executed: look at the Katyn massacre), a lot of merchants ‘converted’ too.  so Kate Middleton is obviously not from the Middle-East, but she is a Jew.  so you therefore cannot say “the Jews” because it is a multi-ethnic issue, but it is an issue which revolves around Jewish ideals (“Chosen” or rather: self-chosen – the pathology of arrogance) thus it does make sense to say Jews.  it is both a yes and no sort of thing.

One can gather where a Jew is from by their physical appearance.  it doesn’t take much to figure out that the average Hassid Jew looks totally different from the average Sephardi Jew; it doesn’t take much to figure out J.J. Abrams is a Jew: one look at him and you know (though maybe i’m just good at this, since i can differentiate between a Russian and a Pole, or a German and a Scot).  that is because, contrary to social-justice-warrior theory: you can tell different people apart, and Jews do tend to have a specific nose (at least, Khazarian Jews, like Abrams or Abe Foxman – European “Jews” like Natalie Portman or Patrick Stewart look European).

so: what is a Jew (at least, in the modern sense)? it is a collective.  think of it like the Borg.  it is a group of people who have determined themselves to be superior and accept into their ranks others they’ve deemed superior.  i respect that.  go ahead and engineer yourself (though i am absolutely against transhumanism, but if you do it peacefully go right ahead and commit biological suicide).

many people, like David Icke (either he is co-intel pro, or he had a really good acid trip and took it too literally – the Elite are using the reptilian brain but aren’t reptiles…) say that the bloodlines go back thousands of years; this is true, but not exactly: Jews have assimilated new and smart(er) people into their midst, but certainly they can trace their lineage back thousands of years to the Middle East (even the Khazarian Jews, even the European Jews; because many, but not all, mixed together with the originals).  That’s what “Jew” became: a project, of blood, linked by common ancestry but revitalized by new additions.  Most Jews today, the 90, are mostly unrelated to the 10.  That is precisely why they should be angrier than anyone else that their name was hijacked (by your own traitors and those like them they let into the club).