the Moral Economy

in a moral world the economy would be simple: a credit is issued basing its value on: its stability in matching raw material value with productive output, and investment in potential – how much can you get for performing a certain function? (items & services; like raw materials, needed to make things, that you didn’t take the time to gather so after you make something with them you share that item in exchange for the service of extractor, not another smarty-pants who wrote on cellulose-based paper that he owns the land it came from [but maybe the smarty-pants who, on cellulose or within digital reserve, serviced the agreement between the extractor and operator as the imperfect world needs set agreements for both clarity and honesty])

This credit-type (some issue, like the $) would need to grow yearly thus investment in potential based on a format mutually agreed upon, like growing the economy through Universities: funding academic scholarships deemed positive to human spiritual, intellectual, and physical growth; Their success will be rated by the productions any one adds to The Human Knowledge; this, being a pure endeavor of service, will + to Civilization. This type of growth will account for population growth by both stabilizing generation now and preparing for generation to come.  Other growth factors would include social currency: if more people “like” what you do you’d get credit for it; as well new-borns may (keyword: may) be given money at birth to give them a fair start in life.

The economy would stabilize Us to a natural coExistence. To issue it is simple ; but it would be simpler if those already at the top were willing to promote human conscious evolution by willingly surrendering their utter domination and free the reigns, to ween ourselves off explosive growth there need be a slow change thus the institutions shouldn’t and can’t just implode.  But with/out that enlightening moment in the self-declared Nobility the answer is easy: the currency in circulation should be continued and changed not entirely deleted; this is achieved by mastering its issuance.

Naturally, there is no owner of anything but of the Self; Worldly, We want things: the balance of consciousness is needing less than you can make and wanting more than money can buy.