the mosquito test

in an age where soon transhumanism will occupy a growing segment of the population, i recommend a test to prove that you are still alive: the mosquito test.  if a mosquito doesn’t want to bite you, you’re probably a machine.  granted, you may have transhumaned yourself some lizard skin, but the concept remains: if something doesn’t want to eat you, you’re not alive.

if we are to maintain balance with Nature we must live within nature.  in a universe that’s 15 billion years old and getting older, without any idea when it might reset (if it ever does), there is no rush.  so take it slow, evolve naturally, find balance with technology (medical purposes, great; upgrade purposes for the sake of upgrade, maybe not so great).

we will also need non-trans Rights, since if someone transhumanizes themselves a super brain and begins to think they’re more important than others (which, if it happens, would ironically prove the irrelevancy of artificial intelligence), superior enough to kill them (happening with today’s egoed-elites), than we natural humans need protections.