the night of atonement

last night Universe sent me a mystical vision; i saw a human go into space, and at the expanse of nothing, perfectly encapsulated by his own loneliness, plant a nuke and set the world on fire.

For some time i looked over the destroyed nothing,  I cried for myself for having done it. I then realized it was that selfishness that destined this; I was the same monkey that I complained everyone else was. Thus I was tha monkey too, who set the nuke. Followed was an emotion-lessening near-eternity where many of my dearest held beliefs were crushed – those things making me a monkey.

Rivers oozing with BPA, oceans oozing with petrols & plastics… Global Warming is the least of our worries – the dolphins will all have gone retarded from lead and they won’t be able to find warm anyway.

All of this lead & mercury is making everyone retarded by default, so this may be the final chance we humans of this living generation have to save Earth. Any later and we’ll all be too retarded to even care.

I wish I could say I had a better trip. I did (it was mostly a beautiful experience). I just can’t say it right now.