the “persecuted people” myth

I love most people, including most Jews.  But i don’t think there is a single ethnic group more deluded about their history than they.  Since they’re so deluded we must clear some delusions up, so that humanity as a whole may flourish.

I am entirely convinced that the “persecuted people” myth is detrimental to humanity.  The reason for this: a lot of hate will be felt by those who believe it.  They will feel resentment to other people, good as they may be, because the brainwashed “persecuted person” can no longer trust another person.  They may then go and steal some land from a weaker person claiming they have to for survival (oops, already happened).  That is why “persecuted people” is one of the filthiest myths and must be obliterated for world peace.  It is one of the main hindrances.  The mindset of holiness above all, instead of human together, creates an aura of hate (ironically).

So, to clear up some of the brainwashing:


By making the “persecuted people” claim: Jews are claiming they aren’t human (because: they’re saying they are holy innocents, therefore: angels). And, if you make the claim that you’re an angel, I have the Right to make the claim that you’re a demon.  I’m only being fair.

Persecuted people don’t have the time to trade in slaves.  The Jewish people have historically ran many slave-trades, both in Europe and Muslim lands. In Europe there were several Papal bulls condemning them for trading in Christian slaves. That is why Jews were hated wherever they went: because they traded in Christian slaves and persecuted Europeans in other ways.   And, considering the extremely basic simple most resounding logic, that: in order to begin a slave-trade, you cannot be persecuted; and if afterwards you are persecuted, it is only as a result; we thus simply conclude that it was not everyone but merely one problem throughout Medieval History: the Jewish group, not those around them, persecuting.

This is by far the simplest explanation.  Consider:

If person Y was hated in town A (and admittedly banished by Y’s own God), and moved to town B where they became hated, so moved to town C where they became hated, to D and E and F and G to Z and were hated in all these places: who would you blame: the person Y, or all those towns? You’d have to be an idiot to blame all the towns, you’d go with the simple logic and blame person Y. So, instead of blaming all the people of Europe and the world for persecuting Jews: blame that 1, that single most simple and logical answer: Jews. Yes, Jews are equally to blame for their persecution because they persecuted first. Persecuted people don’t trade in slaves, and persecuted people aren’t accepted into new towns and then thrown out after. The idea that Jews are history’s persecuted is a load of cheap manure and it’s fertilizing hate.

Of course i do see Jews as victims of the mentality, because if you’re brought up with it you’ll believe it.  So: anyone who makes the claim that Jews are history’s persecuted people is nothing but an anti-human continuing the cycle.

I wonder if Lazar Kaganovich and the other Jewish Bolshevists were brainwashed.  Perhaps they were.  Perhaps Communism wouldn’t exist if Jews weren’t taught they’re hated, and so wouldn’t hate.  That’s the point: there is a problem in teaching you’re hated that’s equal to the problem of teaching hate.

The very reason why Israel is slaughtering innocents is precisely because there is the myth that they are persecuted and so needed a new home.  As i’ve written on my blog: i support Israel’s existence, but i don’t support Israel’s tactics; if Israel wants to be the last nation of humanity to forcefully occupy land, so be it, but to do it so barbarically is a shame for all humanity because a) Jews are only human (no, i don’t think you’re demons; but neither are you angels; you’re walking talking toilet sitting penile projecting vaginal exiting products of biology too); and b) all other humans are idiotically letting it happen so are equally to blame.  I sit here, not wanting Palestinians to suffer, yet recognize that i am as guilty for their suffering as anyone genetically closer to the Israelis (and i recognize that many Jews don’t support Israel).

So, back to facing the facts for a minute, investigating some reality: if someone is claiming to be persecuted and therefore holy, but actually was persecuting and was unholy: they are of the devil.  So those Jews who keep claiming they are of “the puysecuted peeple” are puysecuting whether in Brooklyn or Palestine.  The rest are just human like everyone else.  I think that’s a “duh” kind of thing.


Sadly, as is usually the case, Jews in general will be blamed for Israel.  This is in some ways logical, but no less tragic.  Please, the stupid members of the Jews: stop being evil.  There isn’t enough room in my basement for all Jews, not even enough for my Jewish friends, and most people aren’t nearly as understanding or forgiving as I.  I do not want to see any humans hurt, especially because someone genetically similar to them is a fuckedheaded demon satanist goatfucker who still thinks in 2015 it’s a good fucking idea to poison water with fluoride.

Yes, those fuckedheaded satanists who fluoridate water do fuck goats – it’s like a fraternity hazing sort of thing, but this fraternity is destroying the planet so they need really weird entry requirements to test loyalty: fucking goats and other things.  No, they’re not just Jews, don’t worry (fear not, i am logical: the NWO is beyond just Jews, it’s satanist fucks of all Races and ethnicities).  I’m just trying to say that in order to defeat the NWO we need to come together and, sadly, Jews are often one of the obstacles (realize: Israel is “the Jewish State” not “the Zionist State” and this is important because Christian Zionists can’t settle there).