the Roman Empire never collapsed

the Roman Empire transformed, but it never collapsed; it did not disappear, do not doubt its power today.

the first Popes were descendants of the ancient Roman senatorial families, and later from banking families like the Medici (themselves probably descended from senatorial families).  the lineage is direct, the empire intact, the power centralized.  (European kings in Medieval Europe were ultimately granted authority from the Pope).

to some this might seem manifest destiny, that if these people are in charge for so long they deserve it, but: why do you think ‘the elite’ are fighting new technology so hard? because they can’t control it.  how many of the Popes, how many of the rothschildren, designed the internet? none of them; they once had 1 type of intelligence and that was it: they were good at either leading, counting, or simply were the most ruthless motherfuckers around; but none of them are designing the modern world in a positive way, they’re just trying to destroy it in order to remain powerful, because in a spiritual world they’d be normal people like everyone else; thus they ruin the world to create a requirement for fixers (the role they self-fulfill)…  the geoengineering projects are rooted in genocide….  the geoengineering projects are rooted in genocide…..

just because someone once grabbed power doesn’t mean they were the smartest person around, it just means they were one of them, and only smarter in 1 type of intelligence.  Aristotle, Sophocles, et al, weren’t kings yet they were boss.

‘they’ don’t want you to know the Roman Empire is still intact.  beware they who deal in secret, because in secret you trade in doubts – the doubt that you’ll go along with your slaughter.  if truly ‘they’ were Good they’d let you know who they are and what they’re doing; but they’re trying to hide themselves and their plans.

and if you still think these people, the ones leading the planet, are more intelligent than others: those geoengineering projects are killing them too……..  the bee die-offs are affecting them too…… these people are destroying the planet trying to kill you and me but they forget that we all live on it and so they’re killing us, and everything else too.  not so smart.

of course the elites are intelligent, very intelligent; else they wouldn’t be where they are.  but at some point they lost their Way.  and they believe that if you’re dumb enough to live in the world they create you deserve what you get, meanwhile they kill the Kennedys trying to tell you what’s going on.

keep in mind: the Roman Empire is just 1 of the powers in the world today, Israel is the other.  the Israeli elites are just as vile as the Roman but nowadays they’ve practically blended together.