the Simplest Solution to the Problems in Israel

On May 7, 1934, Joseph Stalin donated a beautiful swath of Siberia to Jews which was called “the Jewish Autonomous State” also known as “Yevrey” – this State was 14,000 square miles (Israel is only 8,000 sq mi).  Yet, for some reason, Jews still wanted to go to the Middle-East to be surrounded by would-be enemies (this is even sillier considering Jews were apparently running away from enemies).

The solution to the problems of Israel is very, very simple: either Jews move to Yevrey and give back Palestine, or they move the Palestinians there and claim Israel.  Personally i vote for moving the Palestinians since this part of Siberia gets decent sunshine and so their brown skin can still get enough Vit. D; and if Jews really want to stay in the Middle-East and face the consequences of making everyone hate them than that is their Right – but considering the Federal Reserve (Jew Mafia operation) crashed the U.S. economy and soon enough there won’t be military support i’d say it is a good idea for the Israelis to move out first, but since they have control of the area the option is theirs.

Overall this is a bad trade for Jews, but it seems fanaticism defeats mercantilism even amongst them.