the state of Capitalism circa 50,000 years ago

somewhere along a riverbank walked two dudes, both of them looking a bit confused. one of them, knowing how to fish but not seeing any, the other wondering what he should be doing. as they walked along, plopped up a fish and the man with the spear caught the salmon. the other guy was in awe. being such a personable guy, he asked the other man how he did that. so the gentleman showed him, and now both carried spears.

the next day, walking along the same riverbank, the newbie spotted the teacher swinging idly between two trees in a makeshift bed. he was amazed, but hungrier than tired and so went to catch a fish. with his new spear, that was easy. and from his left he heard the one time teacher yell “hey! give me half of the fish!” “why should i when i did all the work and you just sat there?” “because without me you wouldn’t have even caught that fish” “but with only half i have to now catch 2 just to have 1!” “good luck with that!” “and how do you even know i will be able to catch 2?” “you better.”