the world is sick but the doctors are in jail for trying to help

At this point society needs no medication, it needs CPR; but if you run MRI like Pvt. Manning, Edward Snowden, or Julian Assange you’ll be thrown in jail or chased down (the worse results you get the harder you’ll be tracked).

The sickness is clear: there is anarchy at the top echelons of human society; you may have voted for the politicians like Obama, Bush, Pelosi, etc.. but they are not accountable to you, they are not even accountable to each other; they are only accountable to themselves and their own selfishness. ie., the Koch brothers will actively support depopulation for the sake of protecting the Earth, simultaneously they’ll dump tons of chemicals into nature-reserves. Never trust bad people to do good things; depopulation is good, but if evil people organize it there will be agony.

The problem with the elite is they think they are special. But, did the rothschildren paint their own paintings? Did the politicians supporting nuclear weapons in space take us to space? Human society is not led by leaders but by usurpers. A bunch of managers, people good with counting (they had some skills, surely) decided their particular type of intelligence was the end-all and since then have tried to maintain their dominance. Is it right that the manager of a company makes more money than the engineer? In direct comparisons the engineers are of equal intellect to the managers, yet the managers because of the power of the position they hold have stolen the profits for themselves.

Society is sick and to maintain their dominance the doctors are poisoning you to make the world sicker so that there is greater -imaginary- need for them. The wars are poison, most medicine is poison (it was admitted that things like thiomersal and aluminum needn’t be found in vaccines; they’re there -officially- because of profit, because it is cheaper to produce; even though it has been proven time-and-again that these ingredients cause autism: from courts in Italy to the CDC itself). And if you don’t vaccinate your kids or do what you are told your kids may (for now may: soon will) be taken away from you; if you point out corruption you’ll be forcefully entered into a psych ward; if you are a good person bad things may happen.

But there is hope. Good always wins. It is very simple to save the Earth (in my next post -which will be audio/video- i will outline my plan – it will be simple, though no brisk Sunday stroll).