There is no World Cup (of Football)

Because it is rigged.

If a game is rigged that game is not happening, it is only a TV show – this is the case with the World Cup.

Too often referees command the outcome, even if the players are playing; too often the players take advantage of a corrupt referee, as the fans complain; paradoxically the winning team’s fans celebrate, even as their team cheated.

The winners of every last major football tournament have cheated – the World Cup in 2002 was heavily rigged, with the South Korean team given chance after chance to advance; the Greek team of Euro 2004 would not have even left the group stages if their players did not have a 12th teammate in the referee and even purposely injured one of the best opposing players (which is disgusting and goes beyond cheating); Italy in 2006 dove and dove; Spain in 2010 were apparently assaulted by air bullets, but Netherlands was not much better (and also tried injuring players).

Since the games are not real and are determined by the whims of Sepp Blatter & Michel Platini they are not games – they are (corrupt)gamblers dreams.

If you do not maintain the body you will lose the mind.  Plato was a great athlete and deemed physical conditioning inseparable from mental training. One may enjoy Plato even if they haven’t Plato’s mind – so One may enjoy watching a sport even if they haven’t the form.  Sports are as important to the soul as the intellect.  When sports are rigged this steals from the essence of Humanity and thus rejects a gift from the Universe: our form.  I do not want to be a little green alien with a big head that cannot find pleasure in a simple run – i want both, this is the ideal.

Damn the cheaters.