there was nothing to sell at the Beginning

thus it was a gift –

There are two Poles in the Universe, and one positively wanted the other; this was a 101 in a 100% system, extra effort; but where did it come from?  What made it So?  Why did it feel?  Did it come from within Positive or is there Something Else?  Something that pushed Positive and Sexy together?  Consciousness is Cupid; it is the free exchange of possessions of Self for only you own you.

Since something is pushing on Something in a boundaryless plain that something must be inside Something, simultaenously it must be outside it; thus it projects from within unto its own dimension thereby increasing boundaries (for a boundary system cannot exist in infinite, but by not existing it becomes infinite; therefore it is both, and thus the Universe is infinite in that it repeats itself but is finite in that each episode does eventually end, even if they continue looping infinitely; this actual existence is radiation from the strike of Pos. & Neg. thus All becomes less than 1 {.9, imperfect} within but 1.1 (perfectly forever looping) without – since the without wouldn’t matter without the within All is given matter by looping round its parts for that infinite in a vortex; it all matters because it matters; within everything exists as finites but ideas are from without thus they reach the infinite so must be the What thus consciousness is a pure 1 (and since consciousness is the What the answer to why must be because – it all exists, just because; the reason is both in&out of existence since just because isn’t really a reason yet it is an Ultimate one). Karma is the equilibrium imperfectly sought, thus the repeat is never the same; of course, since it never is the same, it always must at some point repeat even if not in order; so whatever mistakes/good-moves you made in the past life which Deja Vud into this you will at some point make again, and once(foreveron) from full reverse too; though there must be a pattern and structure thus a Beginning and an End, though not Ultimately thus only ultimately approaching boundaries thus it doesn’t actually yet really does have them).

The Universe is Free; Free Love; All only exists because something did Something for the sake of it(Self) thus the Other was activated and Reason was born; one Pole decided to go checkout the other and the checkout is Consciousness existing through within the Poles thus manipulating their withouts (surroundings) and since All‘s in a loop the without manipulates the within thus your surroundings (without) effect what you do (effect) and feel inside (within), but 1.1 (or is it 1+.1?) is pushing you to keep going.  It is a vortex – and consciousness is finely tuned to feel it; when cuddling with your love you are caressed by free energy use {you lay, you’re caressed} and the feeling of Love is the Reason you do it All and so why we can all use a little love!