is an interesting place of intersecting psychosis.

and so many people use it so differently.


something i’ve noticed (some of) the more interesting people do on twitter is not repeat themselves, at least not too much.  this is an error.  life is about repetition.  just because something was said once doesn’t mean it can’t be said better, or just again.  it also doesn’t mean people remembered.  thus came the cliche.

one of the things i found very nice about driving a cab is the amount of times i can tell a story different ways, and how different people react; and i knew the stories i heard were retellings too, but the passion was still there.  actually, it grew.  we write the story everyday, but a story is told.  if you only tell your story once it’ll be heard only once; you live it once, tell of it often.  just don’t grow a beak.  if you tell the right person the right story the right way they may write more with you.  life is a poem where we’re all characters; some of us are punctuation marks, some of us are Capitals; and all of us write the story (surprise: i originally shared that thought with the world on twitter).

sadly, on twitter the ego. is un. buh. leeee. Vable (though luckily condensed as most people are +).  a lot of it are things One would generally prep for, for instance: those people who describe themselves as “deep thinker” or “brilliant” which is a way of saying “i’m so insecure in my intelligence that i have to tell you it’s so” – fire is bright and you see it, thoughts resonate and you hear them; thinkers are visible, but egos are loud; a light doesn’t need to tell you its bright.

there are people who retweet, but not permanently.  this is probably to start a discussion, and express their instant feelings.  i admit i’m twittaustic.  so i don’t mean to judge this as bad, i like those people who i’m following that do this (actually, interestingly, i like these particular people a lot) and it’s nice to see the info.  i just think conversation would be served with focus: post and wait.  we’re not all always on, and may miss what would otherwise be a spark of thought.  information superoverload.  but i like these people for throwing the conversation around.

shadowfollowers are interesting too.  i am happy if my words affect people, but don’t understand why someone would go to my page, not even favorite or retweet, and just change the order of the words i spoke and tweet.  then do it again.  it doesn’t make sense.  if you come back, over and over, it means you’re following.  often it’s curiosity, but sometimes i think it’s massive ego (situation dependent).  often those people who say you should drop your ego want you to lose it to them.  one idea can be said many times, and almost noone thinks an idea first; and all ideas have their fractals too; but it’s important to know who is thinking how, so we understand why they were what they became; and so that they aren’t lost: how sad would it be to have had Aristotle’s ideas in 1,000 different and conflicting places? my issue though isn’t words borrowed, that really doesn’t matter in the end and is actually a good thing, my point is: why keep returning to my profile if you aren’t following?

a funny dummy posting “i like girls” will get 10,000 retweets and my idea of true love didn’t.  i’m still upset.


twitter is a beautiful concept, that connects humanity.  that we haven’t figured it all out is our own fault and entirely understandable.  i imagine a future twitterthing to be a place you can go, at the end of the day, and see the most important thoughts your friends had that day (you ‘favorited’ the stuff from the others).  it would take 15minutes to scroll through.  then you can join the conversation occurring at the instant, and reply to older things (arranged by order of most ‘thumbs-upped’ or replied-to, and within that more like order).  at the moment it is a massive, though fun, free-for-all.

learning twitter is an adventure.  for instance, the other day i left a tweet to Graham Hancock (@Graham_Hancock) commenting on his tweet, but realized i should’ve left the comment at the comment section of the website.  these are the awkward, but still nice, things.

at one point i was following ~890 people.  i couldn’t keep up, and sadly got rid of many half-randomly.  i didn’t want to delete most people… it was a sad day.

when i first signed on i thought of it as a sacred database, where you should tweet rarely and succinctly; but soon realized most people use it as an instant messenger (though many still as the repository).  i think it has the power for both.  it would have more power if there was an updater about people’s timelines, and a separate updater about their chatting.  for now you must separate it yourself, by creating lists.

overall twitter is + and i really enjoy humanity’s psychosis.

i’m @martinvlcek