Updated views on Israel

Israel will never be at peace with 2 different People vying for power; either it is Jews, or Palestinians – I vote Jews, not that my vote counts since Jews already won the war there.

The first, and most important, item on the Israeli list is: recognizing that this is a war, and that it was a war from the beginning; and there must be honesty, there mustn’t be lying or pretending things are any other way than they really are: Jews, Israelis, began this war. Then, there will be a peace treaty with the victor (Israel) taking what it wishes: Israel, formerly Palestine.

Though the decision to go to Israel was stupid considering Stalin had given Jews a homeland double the size of Israel in Yevrey, nevertheless that decision was made (logically Jews believed they’d conquer more land than was in Yevrey, and they almost did). Humanity for the aeons was a species living By Force: the strong conquered, the weak ran away; in Israel the strong conquered, and the weak are still there (a strange occurrence). There was no Holocaust (test of free will is inverse to this answer: do you believe in the Holocaust? If yes, you are not free; if no, you are free-ish – at best this era of history is greatly exaggerated: there were concentration camps, there weren’t death camps; though many Jews died in them, obviously) therefore that excuse for Israel’s existence is silly. The very basis for Israel is force (the Balfour Declaration makes that clear – this declaration, that document surrendering Palestine to Zionists, noted that no indigenous people should be harassed, thus the new wave of Jewish immigration was not an indigenous return, at least according to that document) and so Jews will be remembered as the last people who took a new home by force.

One thing that is clear: Jews are good there, which seems crazy to say considering what’s going on, but they are good for they have not exterminated the Palestinians. Jews could have exterminated every Palestinian at any point in the last 66 years – they didn’t (so Palestinians be thankful, for very rarely does a conqueror whose goals are ethnic treat their conquered so kindly – that is not at all an exaggeration, Palestinians are not thankful enough that they still exist – Palestinians need to say “thank you Israel, thank you for not killing every last one of us like so many conquerors before you”). It is crazy that they didn’t, since it was a war of conquest, but they just didn’t – this can only be attributed to goodness (that ultimate goodness of humanity where, even in evil, we are good – and conquest is a shade of evil). This seems to be Stupid #2 since if the Palestinians weren’t there the world wouldn’t be against Israel, nevertheless in their ultimate goodness the Israelis kept the Palestinians.  The Palestinians had nowhere to go since no other Arab nation would take them; thus the suffering of the Palestinians is the responsibility of other Arabs for they are the ones rejecting Palestinian refugees out of stubbornness. Israel won the war in 1947/48. The war was on the instant Israel was formed. Arabs not accepting refugees was a lack of heart, Israelis not killing Arabs was a lot of heart.

Arabs must take Palestinians – that is the only way to peace. Palestinian suffering is the fault of their Arab brothers. But, Israelis must take some responsibility. Since the Israelis seem to be so nice (no sarcasm) I think the following is the best solution: Israel should, at its own expense (or, maybe a 50/50 Israel & USA/Britain) and by its own hand, build Palestinians a supercity somewhere (the Palestinian population within and surrounding Israel is less than the metropolitan population of New York City) in Arab territory (I recommend somewhere lush, not the Sahara, maybe near Sharm-al-Sheikh – although in all honesty I don’t understand why the Sinai Peninsula isn’t Israeli territory; perhaps a trade should be made: supercity for Sinai… and I recognize entirely the naivete of that statement).

This, I believe, is the simplest solution.