veganism is an ideal

veganism is a beautiful thing, the future; but, changing our diet instantly is a dream – evolution takes a long time.  we need to evolve slowly, with nature.


a lot of vegans, even vegetarians, lie to convert people: they say things like “our stomachs are designed to digest only plants” (not true, our stomachs are small at 5-6x our size and designed to digest meat – we are omnivores, not herbivores) or “we didn’t eat meat during our evolution” (lie, the reason we have our brains is because of meat.  that is the indisputable reason).  we also can’t digest cellulose, a necessity on an herbivorous diet, therefore for us herbivorism is suicidal.

one main argument i hear is: if you put a rabbit and an apple in front of a 2yr old it will eat the apple and pet the rabbit; this is true, but 2yr olds wouldn’t climb a tree and pick the apple in the first place, and they don’t cook either.  or: that humans aren’t carnivores because we won’t chase a squirrel with our bare hands, and we don’t have claws; well, we evolved hands for tools… all those mammoth-bone huts from ice-age Europe must’ve been reproductions, than?  all those sharpened rocks millions of years old, just to cut fruit off trees?

the other argument is: we shouldn’t eat life, but the fact is: plants are alive too, and conscious; so where is the morality in eating plants?  what’s the difference between an egg and a fruit?  a fruit can become a conscious tree, and an egg can become a conscious chicken.

vegans also believe they are more compassionate, but if we raised animals well, treated them with respect and love (as a thank you for the sustenance) then we’d actually be doing the universe a favor: by bringing life into the world, and allowing them to love and cuddle, we just did something nice; that we eat them is them returning the favor.  it goes both ways.


i want to be a vegan, or at least vegetarian eating just eggs and dairy but no meat – but whenever i try i lose a lot of weight and get sick, even though i try to transition slowly.  if you have ideas for me please share, i would prefer this diet, but as it is i am convinced some people just need meat not merely cheese.  actually eggs are the most ethical, because chickens produce them constantly even unfertilized; so if you think dairy is unethical, eggs (if the chicken is treated well) are actually perfectly ethical: you’re giving life to a creature, giving it a safe home (so it’s happy), and it provides sustenance to you; what a trade!  same for honey (a superfood that we shouldn’t go without): if you treat the bees well, and give them a safe home to do their thing, why not take some of their honey since they won’t need all of it for a winter that your shelter protects them from anyway?

meat is a concentrated superfood.  it is a lie that all diseases come from animal fats and proteins – no, they come from: a) overeating; and: b) how we abuse animals and their unhealthiness entering us.  just because we eat meat doesn’t mean we should treat animals so poorly.  it is wrong to convince people to not eat meat by showing them videos of tortured animals, that is an argument to not torture animals.

the fact is: we are meat eaters.  don’t lie; to yourself, or others.  we are omnivores, which means we can survive on either plant or animal foods but we thrive on both.  and so, if we are to become vegan, it will take generations; that is because we have genes to digest animal fat because we ate meat and animal things for so long during our evolution.

i respect hardcore vegans (i don’t respect the liars).  i want my great-great-whatever grandkids to be vegan but i’m pretty certain i can’t be.  all vegans i’ve seen look sick after a certain amount of time (not right away, but after a time they do).  many lie to pretend they aren’t sick, and the honest vegans i’ve come across became ex-vegans.  and how many vegans still crave meat, especially after smelling it?

there are vegan bodybuilders, but i wonder if they’re as strong as they would be if they ate meat.   i also found a lot of the vegan bodybuilders (all i’ve come across so far, actually) first built up on animal products, and then switched over – it is dishonest to call them vegan bodybuilders.


the transition is simple: begin eating less meat than your ancestors; then, feed less meat than you ate to your kids; then, they’ll feed less to their kids; and thus we will become a vegan species.  evolution is not instant, it is slow.  we must become vegan slowly.  we have our brains because of meat, because of the fat in it, so we must evolve naturally because who knows what our genes may order us to do if we starve them (perhaps, like island species, we will shrink in size).

we must also learn how to supplement properly.  most supplements have lots of garbage in them, even worse than the garbage we torture the poor animals with (and even clean supplements aren’t a guarantee to work, it’s experimental – which doesn’t devalue the experiment, but it does devalue the idea that we should all immediately switch over).  plus, some studies show people who take protein supplements, like shakes, are more likely to get pancreatic cancer.  this is why it is insanity to instantly change a diet that has been with us for millions of years.  and if you need to supplement: your diet is lacking; though the supplements become the diet this nevertheless proves a point: that it is an unnatural switch (elephants don’t need to supplement, because they evolved how they did).

so, i am going to eat those guinea pigs.  there is no choice for me.  i crave meat and i won’t lie to myself that i do.  vegetarianism doesn’t work for me, everyone says i look weak when i do it (and since i started eating meat again apparently i look good again) and i tried it as best as i could.  i will give life to the happiest guinea pigs and when it is time: eat them.  i will pray over them and say my thanks (for sustenance and deliciousness) and blessings, as i do for all the life i eat (plants included).

i find that i don’t want to eat any meat when i’m high, but i don’t find it as repulsive when i’m not high.  since the ancient Aryans of India were high all the time they probably had a drug induced fantasy but at least even they knew that veganism was insane since they highly respected the fat-rich ghee, and the benefits of honey.  drugs are beautiful but sometimes they teach lessons beyond our capacities, but when i get high i like to bring along baby food.

if you think i’m wrong about veganism, please correct me.  these are my own observations.