when i fall in love

i plan to find a beautiful tree (maybe just a stump, to keep it gentle), as kindly as possible cut a piece of it, and from this make a ring.  this will mean much more to my love than a random gold ring made by someone else, mined by someone else; machinic.  my feeling is, that, the circle of life will be encased in this ring, and love is life.  i’ll do my best to put a little poem on the inside of it to warm my love’s heart.

if you don’t know how to cut wood and make rings/things out of it: don’t worry, me neither, but i will try; and, why not in the meantime make a postcard? write something *with your hands* so that it contains your essence for your other? don’t be machinic, human.

nature is our source, our den, our end; the ultimatum.