Where is the Action of Consciousness?

Freewill is the idea that you get to choose what you do with your life, that you have Ultimate power over yourself and your Being; but, as we are products of our environments and genes, where do we actually choose who We are?

 When the Universe began all the rules of physics were set, all matter was flying out, everything unconscious was set in motion and therefore all unconscious paths from beginning to end (or, possibly, from beginning to first consciousness which changed the course of matter) was set; a water bottle would not move from a table unless a hand directed it, and it would decompose as per physical laws if this did not occur; so nothing unconscious strays from the First Path; likewise if an asteroid were to hit the Earth this event was set at the dawn of time (granted no conscious aliens exist, and we do not stop it); the first instance of life on Earth was a mix of unconscious ingredients creating something which, like a magnet, searched for something: food; this first life, from its first place (a place it did not choose, and its code it did not choose) kept searching for more food based on this set code, while becoming more complex; so forth until humans arrived, but do we not also work on a code (your hands, your feet, your neural pathways – all outside your choosing), and since we did not choose our place of birth, nor that code, are we really Us? Or are we merely a reflection of our surroundings, and thus, the Universe? Are we alive, or experiencing what the Universe is doing through “our” eyes?

 One’s life, therefore, is a path of reaction, and since Reaction is not Action it cannot be said to be Conscious. Only action, which would be independent of One’s past, would be conscious; One’s Action would extract One from the Unconscious path their biological history took up to that point; but where is Action? is it even possible?

 There is a pattern in the Universe, which manifests itself everywhere and in everything, like the Fibonacci Sequence. In this sense there is a Universal Code, perhaps it may be said a Universal Consciousness. If this is the case, are we then not entirely conscious individually, but instead conscious as a group, on a Universal level; are we all fragments of this consciousness? Each person reflecting their own specific form of the Universe in a human form?