Why Humans are unhappy in a hightech world

Because they didn’t invent the technology, it is beyond their reasoning.  This doesn’t mean aliens from another world gave us the tech, but it was aliens (from this world). People on drugs.  Simply looking at modern biology, with genetic engineering and therapy; would this exist were it not for Watson & Crick’s affinity for LSD? No, thus the human did not discover genetics, the boosted-Human did.  Thus why the humans later (who aren’t on LSD, or simply are unenlightened) abuse the technology to engineer viruses like AIDS and Ebola (the Ebola epidemic most likely resulted from a genetically engineered virus released either accidentally – my belief – or on purpose).

When you use your cellphone you are not using something a mere human developed, but something developed by years of drug use.  When you enjoy philosophy you are not enjoying the ideas of a mere human, but a drugged one (all the major philosophers of the ancient world used drugs – Aristotle, Sophocles, Cicero, etc…).  If it weren’t for the human affinity for drugs we’d still be chucking spears.  There are some spear-chuckers who use drugs too, but their spears aren’t so sharp.  Without the drugs the smartest of humans today would be chucking a very sharp spear, but a spear nonetheless.

Thus it must be that One is to utilize technology in the most human of way – minimally. Not Amish, but Amish-like.  Don’t erase tech from your life, but minimize it.  For months i have been paying $10/mth for my pre-paid cellphone plan – i buy 200 text messages, and have another $5 for emergency calling or more texts once/if the 200 run out.  For me texting isn’t a way to fully communicate, but to plan a meeting for that communication.  I try to utilize the benefits of tech, while denying its traps (full immersion and forgetting about the real life).  I’m happy to see people & their expression, to hear people & their emotions; i’m happy to be connected to the world by disconnecting from (too much)  tech.