why i believe in nations

the nation is as much a physical (ground) as organic (genetic) thing, both are vital.

one very important thing to understand: aliens respect borders, not just tree-peeing dogs; or else they’d already have settled on Earth and pushed us aside.  the aliens are at least planetists, and probably nationalists.


i am entirely of the opinion that the Earth belongs to every earthling, yet simultaneously we all have our own piece of it (the balance within extremes); those people who deny nationhood should then also, by extension, deny homehood; since a home is a place you decide is yours and others respect that, and you set the rules there.  you also decide who to invite into your home: those people agreeable to you.  no coincidence that the “globalists” are they calling for dissolution of the 4th Amendment.

the main necessity for nationhood is Race, which is an undeniable biological reality; we see Race in IQ scores and crime rates.  some crimes are of the heart, not the wallet; and though robbery is sure to go up in a poor neighborhood, rape isn’t (that is a crime of the stupid).

to grasp the Racial issue in crime look to places like Norway or Sweden, which had nothing to do with colonialism yesterday or today (the “Whitey is evil so i had to kill him” is used to excuse crime in places like the UK) and the 3rd World immigrants get free healthcare, free housing, and free money to do with whatever they want (their lives are totally free, not rich but guaranteed).  in Norway, the capital Oslo saw a 5-year period where every single rape was committed by 3rd World immigrants, usually it’s 90%.  in Sweden 5% of the population, 3rd World immigrants, commit 77% of rape.

in NYC for 2014: 52% of the population was Black or Hispanic, 33% White, 13% Asian – 90% of murderers are Black or Hispanic, 6% White, 4% Asian – 87% of rapists are Black or Hispanic, 9% White, 4% Asian.  of rape victims: 17% were White; murder victims: 7.5% were White, so Whites are the only Race more likely to be victimized by another Race.  if you erase Black and Hispanic crime from the stats: NYC would be as safe as major European cities.

in my own experience i saw what happens when a formerly European area is transferred to non-Euros: i’m from the Czech Republic; in my hometown of Litvinov, i lived in a part called Janov, where the pristine commie-block block buildings were built right next to beautiful woodland; the Czechs, like me, enjoyed it very much – one day the socialist liberal communist one-world one-Racers decided to gift the entirety of Janov to Gypsies, giving them free education, free healthcare, and free money to do with what they wanted; within months, Janov was called “Janov Ghetto” and the formerly pristine buildings were dirty, crime was rampant, and police were needed permanently in the area.  there is no poverty excuse, there is only a Racial reason – the average Gypsy IQ is about 75.

there is a reason all those liberals preaching “one-world one-human-Race” tend to live far from non-Whites, because they realize the lowered general intelligence of certain Races and want to be far away.  i recognize that there are smart people of even the least smart Races, ie i enjoy Gypsy music, but we can’t deny that low trend.  i won’t deny respect to the beautiful of whatever background, it is disrespectful to nature to reject her truth; but that includes the negative.

Spike Lee once said something powerful: that the White people moving to Bedstuy were bothering his dad because they wanted quiet and he was playing his music “too loud” ; i know that the Black and Hispanic people in my neighborhood are loud, they party late night almost every other night; good for them, bad for the people who are trying to do other things; White people party too, but, dare i say we do it more respectfully in crowded places.  but to the Blacks and Hispanics they don’t even consider this, because they don’t consider it disrespect; good for them, but just here we see the differences.  it isn’t possible for us to coexist in the same neighborhoods, due to too much victimization of Whites to disagreements on respectful partying.


it is obviously impossible to coexist with a generally lower intellect Race.  i wouldn’t want to flood Japan or China with Somalians, i don’t want to flood Norway or Italy with Somalians – Somalians belong in Somalia.  we evolved in these places, Europeans have light skin because of hundreds-of-thousands of years in Europe (Out-of-Africa is a preposterous marxist fairytale not accepted outside of liberal propaganda institutions where they brainwash people with that nonsense); darker-skinned people often develop vitamin D deficiencies in places like Britain.

this is precisely why the aliens don’t talk to us: because we aren’t worth their time, yet.  we can be friends with dogs but we don’t discuss higher issues with them, yet; and we don’t give them the Right to vote.  it is the way of the Universe.  like we aren’t invited to alien cities so we cannot invite aliens to ours.


the solution is to respect borders that the pleasant and intelligent can traverse.  like Japan has Japanese privileges, but is open to tourists, so Europe should have European privileges, and be open to tourists; as it is Europe has immigrant privileges and they want more and more and more.  it is necessary to remove the masses of immigrants from Europe, so that Europeans may once again create a European environment without the fear of going on a midnight stroll in a park.

in the USA it is a bit more complicated since there are so many non-Whites that can’t be sent anywhere else.  at least with Asians we can coexist in the same neighborhoods, but it isn’t possible with Blacks or Hispanics long-term because of Regression to the Norm (smart Blacks or Hispanics may have criminal kids and reset the cyclical criminality).  the only choice is to separate, peacefully, beginning with the cutting off of leeching like Affirmative Action.  since the masses of Detroit would starve if not for welfare we cannot just stop it, we cannot be cruel, but we mustn’t let them outpopulate us while on welfare.  imagine if in an ice-age cave 5 hunters were feeding 5 cave-potatoes, and because the 5 hunters were busy hunting they didn’t have kids and the cave-potatoes turned into 50; would that be smart?  that is what is happening in the USA today, after $22 trillion was given in welfare to ‘minorities’ since the 1960s Civil ‘Rights’ era.

we mustn’t let people die, but we mustn’t let them kill us; we must be logical, but not cruel; emotional, but not stupid.