Why I did what I did during my traffic stop

Some people have asked me why i didn’t just let the cop have his way during my traffic stop. This is the simple explanation why:

What if there is a mistake? What if the police are searching for a grey convertible Jaguar (involved in a kidnapping or hit-and-run) and you are driving a grey convertible BMW? If the officer tells you what they are looking for immediately upon stopping you: you can correct them and save lives.  Being told what you are lawfully entitled to know will help in emergency situations, thus the Right must be exercised in all situations so it is unforgotten.  There are so many logical and reasonable reasons why it is perfectly in your Rights to know why you are being detained by police. This is why I was standing up for Citizen’s Rights when I requested the officer let me know why he stopped me.

Why didn’t i let the cop just walk away when he wouldn’t answer my question (affirm for my recording that he threatened me with unlawful arrest for me requesting his lawful conduct)?

In court the officer could have easily claimed he “can’t remember” threatening me. How do I know the NYPD won’t destroy the dashcam evidence? Police have been known to do that frequently, thus it was severely important that i recorded him myself acknowledging that he had threatened me with arrest. When he walked away it became my duty as a responsible citizen to not let him: because if the police feel they can break the law they will (as they have). You have the Right to ask any police officer any question, they don’t have that Right of you (unless you’re committing a crime); unless there is an emergency a cop has to answer your question.

I broke no laws, the cops arresting me broke many; yet, i ended up in jail.  I had my house keys stolen (how can i feel safe in my home knowing renegade morons with guns have my keys?), my driver’s license stolen, some business cards stolen (lawyer business cards!), and my cellphone stolen (it is being held as evidence, or so i’m told).  If any lawyers have any advice please contact me – the more brains on this the merrier.

I am organizing a March 15th NYC-wide (worldwide even, if anyone anywhere else wishes to participate) day of action to ask police officers simple questions, like: “hi Officer, may I please see your badge?” – this isn’t to bother police, but to affirm reasonably and peacefully the Rights that people have; because if you don’t exercise your Rights in the gym of the world you’ll have no muscle to flex in the ring of the law. If the police are truly friendly they’ll have no problem providing for peaceful and friendly people their identifying information.

God Bless Freedom.