why Nobility isn’t so important; we are all evolving as a (different-kind-of-) Race; no one has the Way for all

There are many factors in intelligence – one of those is the ability to lead; but that is just one. Natural leaders are wonderful, but they aren’t always natural physicists, artists, etc…

In the past One with a natural leadership tendency would lead into battle, or lead their town; this type of intelligence would make One ennobled. The Nobles then supported other types of nobility: those of the mind; musicians, scientists, artists, etc… but often the Nobles thought themselves as of superior blood (luckily, they also often recognized their own shortcomings and intermixed with the other kinds of geniuses).

Nobility is sort of a joke; it is people who have 1 type of intelligence who are so in love with themselves they believe they have a God’s Calling to be special above others. They forget their talents are uni-colored and we’re all in this together.  I haven’t seen the rothschildren design many beautiful chateaus, but i have seen them purchase chateau designs; thus they are not the end-all, but only a step (they’ve one type of intellect, not all types).

This is one of the dangers with the Corporate Nobility of the modern era – these psychopaths in charge of corporations like Walmart, or psychopaths like the Koch Brothers, believe they should be in charge of the world and decide who lives and who dies (depopulation agenda). I am all for depopulation, but I am all for non-psychopathic methods (long-term, stable ones).

The nobility of days past (and today) often had children at a slower rate than the farmhands and other ‘peasants’ – thus their evolution slowed relative to their ‘subjects’ ; thus it became that most artists, scientists, and other beautiful minds came from the non-Nobility. In this way we are evolving as a Race, and it is very dangerous for Nobles-of-the-moment to decide on the fate of the eternal path of Human evolution.